Monday, April 19, 2010

Menses-Green Tips Monday

I apologize in advance if I'm not all that coherant in this post. We've been breaking up the baby's nap time into multi-naps which is generally how babies are supposed to sleep. As a result, he's a happy baby. I'm getting more stuff done around the house, but I haven't been able to go to sleep as early as he does and I'm really worn out all day long. It will take me about a week to adjust I imagine.

Warning: This is a discussion about menses aka Aunt Flo, My friend, menstruation, on the rag, and period. If this subject bothers you, please do not read the following blog.

So "my friend" came to visit me last week. I was completely shocked. I figured that I'm lactating and I feed the baby lots so that it would be a while. But the OB had warned me that it depends on the woman when "her friend" will come to visit.

This was also the time the family came to visit so I couldn't exactly go find my stash that I had stashed away. So I used the sposies that I had on hand from after the birth and also before I switched to cloth. I was too tired to deal with buckets and hurting so for a couple of weeks after HB's birth I used sposies. Oh La. But the family left and I was still being visited by "my friend" so I was able to dig out my Lady Cup which I had bought right before I found out that I was pregnant. I was never able to use it.

I went and boiled it (another reason why I couldn't dig it out around the family imagine trying to explain to my MIL what I was doing). And then I tried it out. I couldn't remember where I put the instructions so my first attempts were not fun.

First of all it has a tendency to pop open if you're not careful before you get it quite in there. I would also recommend a nice lubricant if you have dry spells or just had a baby. Then I attempted to remove it like a tampon ie pull on the stem. Wrongo! That was horribly painful. You're supposed to use your muscles to push it out (like a baby) and remove the seal with your finger and then remove it from the bottom.

But when the cup was in, I loved it. First of all I didn't feel it. I know tampons say that you're not supposed to feel them, but I do. They have a string that dangles from your fun parts; how in the heck could I not feel that!? It's annoying. The cup doesn't have that. And you can cut the stem if it's too long for you. Secondly, tampons leak a little. I didn't have that problem with the cup at all, but I was also at a lighter part of my menses so....

After all was said and done, I found the instructions for insertion and removal after the fact so next time I will be better prepared. And I've heard that it takes a few cycles to get used to insertion and removal. But I love the cup. It's nicer than tampons. And you only need one so you don't have to lug around cloth pads or sposies either. The cup is small and they usually have a bag for them so no weird questions. Plus I need to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and the cup is just another way to practice Kegels. All women who have had babies recently or are going to have babies need to work on the Kegels anyway.

The baby is calling and laundry needs to be moved to the dryer so I'm off and running again.


  1. So sorry about it coming back so soon!

    What brand of cup did you get? I have the diva cup... and it was an adjustment but I love it. Oddly enough I've found that its easier on me when I have a full flow than a light one. Not sure why... around the time I got pg I'd decided to try "mama cloth" for postpartum and then carry it over to those light days when I didn't want to use the cup. The instructions really do help too btw. Also there's online ones w/ better illustrations...

  2. I have a Lady Cup. Someone reviewed it online as being a top notch cup. It's made in the Czech republic. They also make them in multiple colors.

    But I should have guessed that it would return. I'm one of those lucky girls that gets Mittelschmerz, or middle pain, during ovulation. Lucky in that it is painful for a couple of hours but I know when not to "get jiggy with it". And that happened one night. It was more painful than usual so I wasn't sure if it was a stomach cramp or what. Turns out a nasty dose of Mittelschmerz.


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