Thursday, April 1, 2010

More HB Updates

Recently he has gotten into a eat, eat, eat phase at night. He wants to eat every hour. I didn't get much rest last night, but for some odd reason I'm not too tired now. I think he's hit another growth spurt.

Hubby and I have finally worked out a rhythm for getting enough sleep. HB usually falls asleep and we transfer him into the bassinet. Then we get into bed. When HB awakens, hubby changes his diaper and hands him off to me. The rest of the night HB and I sleep in the same bed together (not my greatest idea but it's working and I can doze while he eats). I then take over diaper changes (which used to be one but now it's up more as he's turned into a little piglet).

Since he's eating like crazy, the number of poops has gone up. The poop has gotten into the covers so today we ended up using sposies until I could get a chance to wash the ones we have. I ordered some extra covers but they haven't come in yet. This will bring our total covers up to 10. Hopefully once this eating freenzie subsides I can stretch out the wash. Although considering how bad the diaper pail smelled this morning, I might still wash every other day.

Pedi visit-
We went to the pediatrician Monday. HB weighs 11 lbs 5 oz and he's nearly 2 feet tall. He was such a thin guy but now he's filled out. The pedi told me not to worry about feeding him anything else but booby juice. She said that close to 6 months I'll need to introduce solids because his body will need more calories and he's stop thriving. She said that if you introduce solids before 4 months you're setting your child up for obesity. Also got the vaccines, yes all of them. I caved. I kept thinking of HB getting polio and whatnot and said well we can stave off chicken pox at least and the flu shot. Anyways for the next couple of days he was not himself, we ended up giving him children's tylenol because he started getting a little feverish although I don't think he got a full on fever. With a baby that small, I decided not to risk letting him fight the good fight alone and gave him a little tylenol.

Also got to do more tummy time. She suggested that the 6 year old of the three kids we've been babysitting could help encourage him. He's not liking tummy time, but he does well with moving his head about. He also coos up a storm and smiles often. He should be working on his hands the next couple of months. I can already see the early signs of it. He's able to move them in his mouth if they are already fairly close to his face. Soon he'll be able to get a thumb in there and move his hands wherever he wants them to go. It's so exciting to watch him grow up!!

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  1. Aww poor guy (vax's). Thankfully Kalila never had any fever or anything but it is common & he'll be ok even if its miserable to watch.

    Love the BF advice from your pedi. Although technically BF babies can go a full year w/ no solids technically (that part was wrong) but... I won't do that either. I think its important to introduce them so you can watch for reactions and stuff when they're still not important. Plus the whole getting used to texture thing... I haven't heard about the 4 months/obese thing but wouldn't surprise me... What I have heard (and looked this up because we had this issue since we did start at 4 months last time) is that the gut is not closed yet that early and can cause problems. FF babies can handle it because they're already exposed, but for BF babies not so good. After dealing w/ that once I'm being mean & standing up for myself this time and holding off until Zavier's 6 months lol.

    Glad everything's going well! Love the updates. So sweet...

    Oh & I'm so afraid we don't have enough little covers either. I wanted more, but we'll see what happens.


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