Thursday, April 29, 2010

Okay so I changed my mind

Okay so I changed my mind about posting parenting info. I've gone to plan D, wait until the baby is 3 1/2 months before trying out a schedule. But we've set up the crib, and tonight he is officially out of our room. I was afraid that it would take a lot to get him comfortable in the crib and in his room, but he's taken to it like a duck to water (to use a southern expression).

So here is a picture of the Shade underneath the crib. If you would like to see pics of the baby and you're a family or friend, you'll have to go to my private blog. Sorry for those of you who I have not sent an invite to, just use your imagination.

The crib has a drop down rail which one of the pieces broke so the manufacturer had to replace it. It took a week to receive it in the mail and it was a bit tricky installing it, but other than that I like the crib.

Oh, and here is some additional crib safety information to be passed on. There needs to be a crib safety campaign besides just the "back to sleep" one.

Please note that we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and do not leave the toys in the crib. We also don't leave quilts, blankets, pillows, additional flat sheets, or bumpers as these cause chocking (smothering) hazards to infants. Most people think that bumpers help the infant, but they lead to smothering, entanglement in the strings/chords, as well as older infants/toddlers use them to climb out of cribs. Why manufactures still put them baby crib sets is beyond me. Bumpers were originally designed for older cribs where the bars were set further apart, and babies could trap their heads in them. Currently, cribs are regulated by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and Consumer Product Safety Commission. They pass rigorous inspections and are required to be designed so that infants can't wedge their heads in between bars. Therefore bumpers are no longer necessary. Please spread the word that bumpers may be cute, but they're also deadly. Thank you.

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  1. :-) Those sets bother me too... the worst part of it is they really are cute and you almost feel like you should be buying one/are missing out. But is not worth it!!! We have one from our first and thankfully I found out that info before she was born and moved the bumper to around the bottom of the crib (so it hides our storage space for toys lol).

    Just found out we have a recall too... Not happy about that. I swear I'm not buying another crib ever... I had mixed feelings about this one, my mom insisted on buying it for us. But we co-sleep. We transitioned Kalila into it way too early and caused grief for ourselves... planned to wait quite a bit longer this time. So really other than having it already there's no point. Naps and other times we'd need/want to use it there's the pack n play... Sorry side vent. These recalls are really getting to me.


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