Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Okay totally wigged out

Okay I'm totally wigged out. So I had to immediately share. My hubby stumbled upon a site where an artist makes as close to live as possible newborn babies. They are so real looking that it's creepy. I feel like I'm staring at mummified babies! And what worse is the sites name reborn-baby. Yeah, check it out. I dare you to freak yourself out too. I've got shivers. I wish I hadn't looked. Too creepy. too creepy.


  1. They're staring at me with their creepy doll's eyes... *shudder*

  2. That is kinda creepy... Worse I can't help but think of someone with "problems" getting ahold of something like this and convincing themselves its real.

  3. MK-totally. The artist sews the hair on. Leaves the nostrils open to be as life like as possible. And weights the baby so it weights the same as a real baby. Dresses them up in real baby clothes. And you can special order it to have a heart beat. I know that there are some moms who have lost babies, but this is beyond healing. It's creepy and I don't know how you would classify this maybe delusional?


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