Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tons to Write

I have a ton to write about this week. So I'm going to spread things around.

Yesterday, we tried to erect the baby's crib. HB's getting close to his 3 month marker where we plan on kicking him out of our room. We love him and all but hubby hasn't slept in his own bed a full night in a long time. Well there have been a couple of days lately, but they haven't been pleasant for him. Anyways...we got to the part of installing the drop down gate and a piece of plastic that latches the gate in place broke. We left a message on the company's machine to get a replacement part but we haven't received a call back so I think that I will have to e-mail them. Otherwise I will announce to the world the company who manufactured the crib, the type of crib, and write nasty e-mails to them. But I don't think that it will come to that.

On a different note, HB experiences melt downs around 5:30pm. He usually naps from about 1:30pm to 4 pm and then eats so I have no idea why he gets so fussy during that evening hour. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm toying with trying to get him to adjust to hanging out with Hubby while making dinner. Perhaps he doesn't like being handed off to Hubby. Or perhaps he's still really hungry (but that doesn't seem to be the case) or tired (which doesn't make sense since he just woke up). I've heard that it is totally normal for babies to have a period of fussiness in the evenings and that there is no real reason for them. However, it drives Hubby crazy because they only thing that he can do is take him for a walk. This is hard on Hubby because all he wants to do is sit down and take a little break. And I'm trying to get dinner ready which depending on what it is is not safe for the baby to be in my arms. Perhaps I'm being whinny because other than that evening fussiness he's a happy baby. He does hate being put down for any length of time which makes taking a shower and whatnot a little tricky but oh well. It's not like I sit him down for hours.

Any ideas of what to do about the fussiness? And what causes babies to have early evening melt downs? Mucho Gracias


  1. Ouch that's rough... The only thing I can think of is gas... sometimes that causes it, was the reason for 90% of Kalila's when she was that age. Either way, if walking helps.. have you tried a bouncer (like the strap in vibrating kind)? Or a swing? Sometimes those help w/ fussiness. If its gas there's a ton of other things too.

    As for the crib... Last I heard they're discontinuing drop side ones because stuff like that is happening so often. We have one from a really bad brand (is out of business now) but its one of the few of theirs that wasn't recalled so we're stuck with it. I never use the drop side part though, and the tent we have keeps it from coming down anyway so extra safety measure there lol. Hopefully you'll be able to find a replacement, but it may come to returning the whole thing. Good luck!

  2. Oh.. and btw, this is completely random... but if you're on swagbucks.. they now have a gift card to a diaper store! Its only 145 for $5 worth... so its a really good ratio. We still need a few things so I'm switching from getting Amazon cards (which cost more) to these for now. I may blog about that later now that I think about it lol. Had to share though...

  3. Hates the swing and the bouncer. He does not enjoy being put down at all. I don't think it's gas. He's never had trouble in that department.

  4. Aww poor thing, my cousins youngest was like that (not wanting to be put down). Its rough... They do grow out of it, but still makes like difficult for a bit.


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