Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Updates

So HB has reached 13 lbs 10 oz (with a diaper on). He's also good about putting himself to sleep. He really likes the sleep routine (the routine I use to put him to bed). He has started to wake up more frequently at night, but I've heard that this is normal because of things like growth spurts and teething.

My mother recently purchased some all in ones for HB from Here is a pic. (Yes, I know that I said I don't include pics of my family. But these don't show anyone's face which is really what I mean by my disclaimer) Isn't it cute?! It says. I love cloth! He has a navy one, red one, maroon one, and this white one.

Speaking of diapers here is the official word from pampers about disposing of poop:
Dear Deltaflute,

Thanks for writing us. Bowel movements and urine are organic materials, and biodegradable. You can simply throw the diaper away.

Becki R
Pampers Team

So there you have it. You can put it in the toilet or throw it away according to my dump and Pampers (a leading disposable diaper company).

And lastly, HB can hold his head up very well so Hubby asked if I could get HB on his back so Hubby could do chores a little easier. So here is hubby and hb using the sleepy wrap in the back position. You just tie the sleepy wrap on backwards, but you'll need someone to place the infant in the wrap.


  1. Cute! Where can you get family that will buy diapers? LOL Just kidding, but still that's nice. One of my friends from college has family like that too. I'm thankful that we have some family that just don't give us a hard time (others do).No complaints though.. between some good friends (prefolds) and contests (covers) we haven't had to buy any yet (although 2 covers are about to be bought because they're on sale lol) and I fully expected/planned to buy our whole stash. Id kinda like to get some more pockets, it won't happen, but would be nice because we're finding we need to use them at night and ours need help lol. Those AIO's look great though and I'm assuming they'd be good for that too.

    Sorry babbling.

    Where'd you find the back tie instructions? I know its the same as the front, but I never saw it listed on their site. I keep seeing conflicting info on if this wrap can be used on the back at all too. All of its from random people though, not official.

  2. OK have to add that their site does say they can be used to back carry (nice to know for when I see someone say otherwise again... happens just about everytime babywearing comes up on CM) its just hidden in the FAQ section. I can't see where "they" explain how though lol.

  3. Both me and my husband were cloth diapered as infants. My mother tried disposables but I developed awful rashes. My brother was a disposable baby. I'm not sure why hubby was cloth diapered. So rather than risk it we decided on cloth. That's why everyone is so supportive. That and cloth has come a long way since they used it.

  4. That makes sense. Jas' dad is supportive for the same reason, well more for financial reasons.. but it didn't hurt that they'd cd'd my husband. My MIL, well... yeah lol. She's against it just to be against it.

    Your last line reminds me, Jas' grandmother saw K's diaper the other day & got so excited by it. She'd tried to tell me disposables were better now awhile back and hadn't grasped the difference in cloth from back then despite me trying to explain it. Made me glad K had run out of the room she was being changed in lol.

  5. It's a shame that your family is less supportive. My family even likes the sleepy wrap but they keep talking about strollers. I plan on getting one eventually but there's no hurry. He's not that heavy.

  6. You just reminded me of a blog post ;-) When I have more time...

    As for strollers, I like our newest one. I don't like using them in general (esp not for little ones) but it has its uses.

  7. Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap) does not recommend their product be used in a back carry at all anymore. Babies can stretch their way out and fall. Please consider removing this post.


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