Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Mother's Day

My family doesn't really get into holidays. I've never done the whole Mother's Day Card or Father's Day card thing. We don't send stuff for Easter. We send out a Christmas card for the yearly update and we will send birthday cards, but other than a phone call, we don't celebrate holidays. I don't know why. We just never have.

By contrast, my husband's family does celebrate holidays. I can always expect a card for St. Patty's Day and Valentine's Day and a giant box of candy for Easter. Etc. Etc. The first year I received a card, I was really stunned. And more stunned that my MIL stuck some money in it. It was St. Patty's Day and why am I getting money? Hubby had to explain that this was totally normal.

So what do I expect for Mother's Day? Nothing. Hubby never sent out cards when he was single (despite the fact that they were sent to him). I at least send out birthday cards which is what my family does. I would like to note that I'm the one who picks the cards for his family. And I've done that since we were first married and at the time, I hardly could keep who his Aunts and Uncles were straight. So hubby won't be doing anything really specially this Sunday. I expect he will be working and that I will have to take him to work (because his car broke down Friday). I will be shocked if my parent's send a card. I imagine that they won't and that's fine. And I bet my MIL will say something if not send something. She really doesn't need to. I think it's a waste of money and paper.

So my mother's day will be like any other day I expect. It's a made up holiday anyway. Mothers should be celebrated every day. So please, don't wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I don't really get into holidays. Thank you.

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