Friday, May 21, 2010

Peace Activist of the Week- Thurgood Marshall

It is most fitting in light of the recent nomination for Supreme court judge, that Thurgood Marshall is my peace activist of the week.

Thurgood Marshall (1908-1995) was born in Baltimore and received a law degree from Howard University School of Law (having been denied admittance into the University of Maryland Law School). Shortly after setting up a private practice, Marshall worked with the NAACP to bring cases to court to slowly overturn the "separate but equal" policy then in practice. Later, he became the NAACP's chief counsel arguing cases before the Supreme Court. Kennedy appointed him to the United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit, although his appointment was held up by Democratic party leaders from Mississippi. Johnson appointed him as Solicitor General. Later Johnson appointed him as the first African-American Supreme Court judge. After a long and successful career, Marshall died in Bethesda Maryland of heart failure.

Because he ardently believed in the justice system as a peaceful way to stop oppressive policies against African-Americans, I salute Thurgood Marshall as my peace activist of the week.

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