Monday, May 10, 2010

Recall on the Crib

Our drop side was recalled for the latch breaking. Really? That's the part that we had break off in the first place. It should take 2 to 3 weeks for the retrofit to come in the mail. Sigh. I have a couple of options. Bring back out the bassinet or use the crib but not to bother with the drop side for a while and keep an eye out for breaking parts or it swinging. Supposedly the part breaks and causes a gap that babies get stuck in. Fortunately HB can't break the drop side himself because he's too little. I hate this. They tell you not to use the crib but I'm wondering what exactly they expect you to use.

Oh and the company didn't tell us (no phone call, email, or postal mail). I sent in the registration card. It was my mom who let me know.

Just to let you know the crib is made by LaJobi. They make Graco cribs among others. to see if your crib is on the list.


  1. Hugs.. Ours is on a list too. Jas insists on using it since we never use the drop side and the tent keeps it from dropping at all. I'm turning it dropside to the wall to add some protection but I'm not happy about it. Thankful we're not using it right now... but dreading when we do. His comment when he first heard was this was the last baby for that crib anyway... my thoughts after this whole mess is that I'm skipping the stinking crib completely next time. I dont like them anyway...

  2. We have to use a crib. Our room isn't big enough for a co-sleeper and you can't use the bassinet once the baby is able to sit themselves up. So somewhere between five months to 18 we wouldn't have a bed for the baby. Unless you know of any other sleeping things. I'm not too keen on using a playyard.

  3. Ours isn't big enough for a side by side cosleeper either. We use the one that sits on the bed. I'm not sure what age he'll outgrow it honestly. I'm assuming when he does he'll be big enough to sleep straight on the bed (we have it where two sides are enclosed by the wall). I hope so anyway. Not sure what we'll do if he's not. I guess he'd have to transfer to the crib at that point lol.

  4. I kinda like the idea that he has his own sleeping surface anyway. I've been reading that a lot of children have trouble transitioning to their own room if they're used to sleeping in bed with you. Plus a few people have told me that their child refused to sleep in their own bed until they were seven and one said age 12. So sleeping in the room with us is no problem, but I want him to get used to sleeping by himself. Otherwise naps would be a problem. I use that time to do laundry since our facilities are in the car port. (I put him down to nap and then use the baby monitor).

    A friend suggested that I use a stroller when doing the laundry, but as hubby pointed out where would we keep the stroller. Our condo already looks like half lived in half storage. Even the baby's closet shelf has computer stuff on it. And we have three book shelves in his room. We're not sure exactly how we're going to keep him from ripping up our books. Hubby was thinking mesh, but then how would we get the books back out? I'm still working on that one. Anyway....

    Space is not the final frontier in our house. There is no space.


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