Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Latest

I went to BSG (breastfeeding support group). It was a bit of chore getting out the door because I had to put the car seat back together. And HB was hungry. We parked across the street at the pediatrician's office. Since the hospital is redoing their parking lots, I've just decided to park across the street and walk rather than spending 15 minutes looking for parking. I weighed HB with the diaper on and off. I wanted to make sure that he was getting his weight up and the only way I can determine that is to see what he weighs without the diaper. Diapers fluctuate depending on type and amount of pee or poop in them. His diaper, today for example, weighs three ounces. He's gained roughly 2 oz in the last week. So he's not stopped gaining and started loosing, which is what I have to watch for.

Anyway I fed him and socialized. There were a lot of women there today, let me see...I'm thinking it must have been around 15 moms with 15 babies and two grandmas. Sometimes we only have five mom and baby pairings. The oldest baby today was walking so I assume she is around 12 months plus. The youngest baby was born on Saturday. This is the first time I saw a toddler besides older children who are three that is still breast fed at BSG. I do have a friend who feeds her 18 month old. She is in the process of weaning her and is down to two feedings a day.

I put a blanket out and put HB on his tummy facing away from me. A lot of the other moms do the same thing. The babies are at all stages. Some can only sit, others can crawl, and others can barely lift their heads. As far as I can tell HB is the only one in his age group (as far as month goes). There was a lady whose son was born the same day, but she went back to work. That's the way it goes. A lot of women come for a couple of months and then have to return to work. So here's HB on his blanket. Next to me is a lady with a one month old girl and on the other side a lady/grandma pair with their son/grandson who is probably two months old roughly. They are feeding their babies which takes longer than HB. HB is quick about it and he gets distracted so I don't focus on filling him up too much at BSG anymore. They were watching him and their babies. HB starts looking over his shoulder and starts pushing himself up onto his side. No biggie. He can also do that when he's on his back. Every time I feed him in bed, I make him turn towards me. Wanting to eat gives him an incentive. After about a minute on his side, he flips himself onto his back. Afterwards he received a chorus of "good job" from the ladies and claps from me. The other BSG members suddenly looked over to see what had happened, and he gave everyone a big toothy grin. I wish that I had my camera. Next time I'll remember to pack it.

Also this morning at 5 am, I woke up realizing that HB hadn't called for me tonight. He was perfectly fine and extremely hungry. He had a very large breakfast waiting for him at 6 this morning. He slept from 7:30pm to 6am without asking for food. It was a bit unexpected because the night before he woke up twice roughly midnight and 3:30am. I never can seem to predict his nightly feeding patterns. Maybe it's just a maturity thing. Don't know. I think he's growing again. He was falling asleep on my shoulder at 2pm after having woke up from a nap at 12:30pm. Normally he can last for 2 hours and I have to push for the extra 30 minutes. But today, it wasn't happening. We've been trying to adjust his naps to three and move his bed time to an earlier time. It's been working well, but apparently not the last couple of days. I suppose today he'll have four naps. Oh, well. His body is just maturing and he's going through these periods of adjustment.

We've also gotten his next size diapers out and are using them. He looks like his butt has turned into a marshmallow. The small size prefolds weren't really doing the job. We could barely fit them around his waist even with the front splayed. Also every time he took a giant pee, the entire prefold was soaked. The downer is the next size up is a bit big on him. His onesies aren't fitting properly. I'm to the point of just making them into shirts and buying shorts and pants for him. Because he's cloth diapered, they don't fit him length wise very well and end up being yanked down. If they fit length wise, they are too wide and fall off his shoulders. It's frustrating. The other thing is the Bummis mediums are really big looking on him. The Thirsties size small are big enough that you can fit the bigger prefold in them. I also have the wonderwraps, which I haven't used yet, a litewrap which fits okay. The litewrap has be washed in cold. And I have two vinyl covers which were my husbands. Those actually fit him really well. The elastic is a loose in the legs, but it doesn't really matter because his stool is mushy and he has a lot of fabric to absorb the pee. Here's a picture of him in the "old" cover. If you want to see more pics, go to the other blog But give me a while, the baby just woke up. Oh, and I took this picture horizontally. I don't know why it's looking vertical. My camera's been doing this lately.


  1. I wish we had one of those! No really there prob is one, I just don't have the option of going right now. Maybe by our next child Insh'Allah.. Sounds like a lot of fun though. Never having been to a group like that, which could have something to do with this, I've never really seen an older child BF either besides my own. We made it to 26 months and towards the end I was very nervous about doing so in a public setting because I didn't know how people would react. It did happen occasionally but less and less as she got older.

    You found a Wonderwraps? :-) I hope you like yours as much as we do ours. I wish we'd decided to try them earlier. I still really like the Thirsties, but... WW fit Zavier a little better right now lol. And I like the thickness of them. I only tried one size of Bummies and didn't have an issue until Kalila outgrew it a ton faster than the other brands. Thankfully that didn't happen until the velcro was wearing out too. I'm so ready to replace that its not even funny. I found hand-sew on snaps that I'm gonna try with it and my Bum Genius'. Oh and we did vinyl covers w/ Kalila at first too. They do have some advantages... I got the newer Gerber ones though and I guess they aren't made as well anymore or something because they did not hold up like I've heard they used too. Worked fine but then got holes in them... There's no way Kalila's kids could wear them if we kept em lol. That is an adorable pic btw.

  2. I'm a bit worried if I breastfeed him over a year that I'll get odd looks. We'll see. When we get to that point, Hubby and I will discuss going past a year.

    Yeah, we got the wonderwraps as soon as I saw that they were being discontinued. They're vanilla colored and not really cute, but I'm into functional. We had a bunch of white covers and now they are really dingy looking. Next time I'll get something colorful. The thirsties tend to hold their color better.

    I'm not thinking that the covers were made by a company. I'd have to ask my MIL. They look homemade to me. Basically it's cotton outside and vinyl inside. Some of my flat folds actually survived. I ended up cutting them into pieces and re-purposing them as wipes. Works out great.


  3. LOL with us extended BF came up on the first date. Not even joking, he made a joke (ok that came out wrong lol) about nursing for 2 years. I hadn't really thought about how long before that. When we got pg I'd planned a year, but 2 at the longest. We didn't even hit 1 before I realized there were too many benefits to going to 2 so it became our next goal... then she wasn't ready to wean lol. Is funny how all that changes as time goes on and all that. I can see some benefits to deciding you'll talk at a certain point too. Takes some pressure off I'd think.

    Yes functional is more important. We got lucky and got both lol. Thirsties do hold colour well.. the only one we have that's faded much was the celery and its been worn pretty hard. I think most of our prefolds will last a good long time.. all but the ones Kalila's used the most during her tummy problems. Those are already wearing out... the top layers got eaten away. Thankfully some of that size were put away by accident and are still like new. And we have toddler size on the way :-) My guess is Zavier will go into them sooner than Kalila would have. Hoping she doesn't use them long.


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