Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Sewing

The diaper covers I've sewed shrank a bit. So I'm using someone elses diaper pattern to make a few more in a bigger size. I also want to try to use FOE (fold over elastic) and make gussets too. But the company who supplied my PUL (poly...laminate) doesn't appear to carry the correct FOE size for gussets. So I e-mailed them. We'll see...

In the mean time, I can go looking around for cotton fabric patterns for different covers and I can look at fleece. Wool seems nice, but I can't stand to be in it (not that I'm the one wearing it) or touch it. It is so scratchy and hot. I live in the desert. For those of you who don't, a week ago we broke 100 degree F. Yeah, it gets hot. *dripping with sarcasm* I can't wait til we get 115 this year. And no I'm not exaggerating about the 115 part. In July we hit 120 sometimes. I digress. When I had to wear a wool marching band uniform (eight years in a row I might add), I hated it. I usually wore regular clothing underneath so less of my body was touched by the wool. So I can't imagine HB wanting to wear a wool diaper cover. Although maybe he won't suffer from eczema and itchy/dry skin like his dear old mother (me).

Oh and for those of you who wonder how I stand it or why on earth anyone would live in the desert. I will tell you. 1) It's a dry heat. You go in the shade; it's cooler. You go in direct sunlight; you bake. You barely sweat in comparison to a humid climate. But you want to drink lots of water because it's real easy to dehydrate without realizing it. 2) You learn to do everything in the morning or the late evening. Why? It's the desert! It gets chilly at night. It's the day time that's uncomfortable. But I enjoy swimming in 80 degree temps at night. No frying and comfortably warm. And you sleep in the afternoons, and don't go anywhere except in the morning or at night. Siesta anyone? 3) There is no grass to mow and no snow to shovel. Although people are still stupid enough to try and grow grass. Our HOA does. 4) We do have a high AC bill, but there's this cool budget-friendly gadget called a swamp cooler that a lot of people have. Basically air is blown across water to make the air feel cooler in your house. You can google it if you like gadgetry. It doesn't work when it's humid though. Sorry coastal folks. When monsoon hits (our rainy season), people with swamp hate us because we have AC.

And if you were able to follow along, give yourself 5 stars. Hubby says my misspelling and grammar have been suffering lately. And I'm too tired to make the effort to correct it tonight. Oh, and I get more sarcastic the tired I am so don't take anything I say to mean anything nasty. I just get a little loopy and harder to understand the more exhausted I am.


  1. Awww.I'm from the edge of the desert and all this sounds so familiar lol. It was 106 when we went last weekend. Usually gets up to 120 at least once a year.. or close to it. But yeah dry heat is great... I really didn't think I minded humidity until I went home and realized my body hasn't changed its the stinking humidity here that makes me feel horrible at such lower temps.

    Where do you get your PUL? I've been looking into that for when I can get going on my sewing lol.

  2. (there's no www) There's a few other sites that also specialize in diaper fabrics etc, but I haven't tried any of them. verybaby is touted all over the internet so I figure from the reviews that it's a stable bet. That's why I went with them. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them. It's good quality and fast shipping. They also sell patterns and have really great tutorials.

    I've been going a little nutty lately researching different types of covers so that I can make the "perfect one" if there is such a thing. None of the patterns seem to suit me thus far. And I'm a little nervous trying to learn too many things at once because I'm a perfectionist and a tight wad.


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