Saturday, June 26, 2010


So I came across an article about migrant workers (and also illegal workers) who work as farm workers. Supposedly Steven Cobert has teemed up in a tongue and cheek way with the UFW. They are encouraging the unemployed and any grumblers who think migrant workers "steal" American jobs to take the farm workers jobs. They have a form online that interested parties can use to request a job application. There is small print at the bottom of the request which reads "Job may include using hand tools such as knives, hoes, shovels, etc. Duties may include tilling the soil, transplanting, weeding, thinning, picking, cutting, sorting & packing of harvested produce. May set up & operate irrigation equip. Work is performed outside in all weather conditions (Summertime 90+ degree weather) & is physically demanding requiring workers to bend, stoop, lift & carry up to 50 lbs on a regular basis." Here are the websites: job application request page and news article

I also was watching an old episode of Penn and Teller's show BS the other night. I don't normally agree with their political commentary, but I enjoy watching the opposite view point if it's put together well. If you don't know, Penn and Teller are magicians. They are also describe themselves as Atheists and Libertarians. I said I don't normally agree with them. They had an episode on boobies. Part of it was related to first amendment rights of baring breasts in public. Part of it had a porn star baring her boobs talking about breastfeeding (you can skip that part if it offends you; they tend to over sexualize things on their show) and an ordinary woman who was harassed in a Toys R Us in times square because she was breastfeeding in public. There was also the opposing view point from a woman who totally disgusted me. Just so you know, Penn and Teller support breastfeeding in public so when I say opposite view point I mean this woman is a lawyer and wants to abolish a woman's right to feed her child in public.

They totally made fun of her. She said a number of things that made my jaw drop. She said that she didn't like seeing a woman breastfeed 6 inches a way from her. Penn said well I wouldn't either because the idiot would have spacial problems. She said why do women who have children think that they automatically have the right to bare the breast because they have a 10 lbs baby. Ouch! She also thought that it would be traumatic for children to see a woman breastfeeding (she meant in a sexual way). As far as I know, because I really don't think there's any factual research on this, it's not traumatic for children. Penn and Teller presented several people who said that while breasts are sexual in a certain context, they are also not sexual in other contexts (ie breastfeeding) and any intelligent person would understand that. It seems that they were trying to say that people who hate breastfeeding in public think that breasts are solely sexual objects. I even read somewhere a person refusing to breastfeed because her boobs were for sex.

Now I understand that a lot of woman are weary of breastfeeding in public. Social stigmas being social stigmas. Typically I've heard that they don't want people staring at them and/or they don't want malicious comments. A lot of women cover up to compensate. Most people find that acceptable. I've only covered up at church. Most of the time people can't see anything but a bit of skin. My state is one of the 47 states that protects the rights of breastfeeding mothers. (Apparently West Virginia doesn't have a law protecting public breastfeeding) Even if it didn't, we also will allow women to bare their breasts as long as the nipple is covered. So breastfeeding takes care of that.

There's a great Wikipedia article about breastfeeding in public. I thought the entry about Saudi Arabia was interesting "Women in Saudi Arabia openly breastfeed their infants even though they may be fully veiled." So in the conservative Muslim world, breasts are not sexual even though ankles are. LOL

Also was out eating today and a lady was with her two daughters sat next to us asked what type of diapers I had. HB was wearing just a onesie and the diaper poked out. Naturally I started off with cloth. She said, "Oh I know. I meant what type. Are they Thirsties?" Big grin on my face. "Yes." She told me that she cloth diapered her youngest and used Fuzzibunz and BumGenius. I said that I heard that Fuzzibunz were great and she said that she loved them. Then she asked if my Thirsties was a cover or a diaper. I told her it was just a cover. Love love love cloth. Didn't think that they'd connect me to total strangers. Made me feel less alone. I know that one of the ladies at BSG uses Fuzzibunz with her daughter. But that's the only person I knew. Everyone else has disposables. It was cool to be able to talk to someone who knew what I was talking about. Mostly people ask and I become an informational tour guide. It was nice to be able to have a head to head about what type we liked and stuff.

And that's the end of my tidbits.


  1. Understood about meeting random people who cloth. I met a dad at the park once who brought it up too lol. One of my friends is talking about doing it when she has kids now too and I can't help but smile over it :-)

    I've seen a lot of that... stuff... online. You know the whole women shouldn't NIP thing. There's a good number of them on CafeMom. There's also still a number who are against BF in general (my stepmom is actually one of them). Its sad... As for Saudi.. makes perfect sense to me lol. For one thing Islam states that you should nurse for 2 years. And despite popular belief (and/or the belief of a few crazies) it doesn't push for women to stay at home.. put the two together and you get a need for NIP at some point lol. I've actually seen a nursing abaya online.. was kinda cool. On that note, I have a Muslimah friend who nursed her little girl and we've talked about NIP quite a bit.. she does so uncovered just like us. Proof its possible to stay modest when doing it uncovered lol. Beyond that, other more modest cultures tend to take that view too. You could see women nursing in TZ with the whole thing showing (one of my friends saw a baby reach over the mom's shoulder, pull it out and over.. I missed it though lol) but wearing trousers is a huge no no.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Don't feel alone on the cloth diapering! I read SO many blogs and the mommas do the cloth diapering thing. I think it is so interesting and is really a great thing to do! I even read one blog and they do the whole "family cloth"... now that is something not a whole lot of people do!!! I love reading about families all over the country/world who are different from me... I think it really helps to open my eyes.

    I completely get that staying at home isn't all ups and that you probably have less time to get things done than I do, but it is something I wish I could do even still. I guess there is a wanna-be-green-hippy-momma deep inside me somewhere. :)

    We will enjoy the 4th... but I fear we may be banished to the house before it even gets started. It is always so hot out there! Maybe I will manage to get a kiddie pool out there (bad images of 10 kids running all over the place and trying to "share" the pool with Caroline). I can't imagine living so far away from home... Nashville was far enough for us!

    I think I've broken a record for the longest comment ever. Share away on the 30 minute recipes!

  3. No problem. I think since tomorrow is Thursday I'll post on my most recent cooking developments. I'm not anywhere near a good chef type (my husband is worse though) so I've learned things that are quick and easy.

    I've forgotten how humid it gets there. I just remember hating the bugs.

    I don't mind living far away from home. I live on the wild side I guess and enjoy adventure. D's (I use initials usually cause I don't know how people feel about their names being used on www) probably told you that I'm his weird bookish friend. I've never quite fit in back home. Maybe that's why I like it out here because there are a number of weird bookish freaks like me. :P


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