Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Venting, Screaming, and Crying

I mentioned a while back that one of our cats was having a pooping and peeing in inappropriate places. Before HB was born, I had finally gotten the cat to use a litter box again without problem. Hubby decided that he didn't like using an uncovered box because litter would get on the floor, which meant extra cleaning. We had one covered box that the cats weren't using and one uncovered box. Hubby put away the uncovered box a few days ago. The cat protested of course. She pooped where the box had once been and had peed on the mat outside the other box.

Today is library day. HB and I usually go to the library for story time. I got HB ready and set him in his car seat. His car seat cover is tan in color. I lifted the seat belt and it felt wet or greasy. Weird. I took him out of the seat and inspected it. Also took the time to take a good whiff. And as you probably have already guessed, the cat had peed in his car seat!!! We use his car seat as a place for him to sit as well as in the car. I figured that I could just clean the belts and the cover, but no. She took a huge pee in it and the inside plastic part was wet as well. And it smelled more awful when I removed the cover. I called Hubby and screamed and cried because I had already told him that removing the cat box was a bad idea and this was just the icing on yet another giant cake of caca. I had already fixed this problem and I told him that I was not going to do so again. He's going to put back the box.

I'm currently washing the cover. And I took the seat itself outside and hosed it down which was about the only thing that I could do. I'm to the point that if that doesn't work to get rid of the smell that we're going to get a new car seat. And I'm also to the point that if she continues to pee in HB's stuff that I'm going to have her killed. In other words, she's getting euthanize. I'm a patient person. I spent months working with her. But if it comes to my baby's health, she's gotta go. That's all there is to it. And HB has fallen asleep outside in swing. The whole ordeal has made me so mad and upset that I really don't care at this point. I've been trying to get him on a schedule, but today is a really bad day for me. And so far this week has been turning out bad for the other stuff that's been going on and this whole car seat thing. If I was a smoker or a drinker, I would say today needs to be happy hour. But instead we're outside with the wet/drying car seat, I'm crying and blogging. That's life. I wish that I could explain the other situation, but I can't. If you knew what was going on, you would understand why the cat peeing in the car seat has been the last straw for me. Otherwise I probably would be upset about it and laugh later. Okay I'm going to cry by myself now. Thanks for listening.

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  1. *Hugs*

    And try oxiclean if you have any... then vinegar/bakingsoda. Cat pee is horrible to get out but it is possible. Lots of experience here too unfortunately.


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