Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cooking for Baby

BSG (breastfeeding support group) was light in numbers today outside myself and the lactation consultant there were four other moms. I weighed HB and he's lost 3 oz. The LC suggested renting a pump again *sigh* and to try some of those herbal remedies that I've mentioned. I'm going to call the pedi and make an appointment to have him looked over and get her opinion. She may tell me the same thing; she may tell me to start him on solids. I really dislike pumping. I'm a little frustrated at this point. It's sweltering here; getting up to 110 F.

Anyways...going to think pleasant thoughts. Click my heels and all. This is a two part post. I wrote it last night because I couldn't go to sleep until 2 in the morning, which is really rare for me.

I’m not a culinary wonder by any stretch of the imagination. My culinary expertise comes from cooking shows and watching others cook. My own parents cook a lot of meats so that has never been an issue. Veggies, on the other hand, came in cans or were ate raw with the exception of potatoes, mushrooms, and anything put into a stew or pasta. My mother will eat anything except for potatoes from a box. When I married hubby, he insisted that frozen veggies were the thing and deplored the use of canned. He had a steamer, which I still don’t know how it works, and would occasionally steam some raw veggies.

What for the love of mustard does this have to do with anything? Well I bought a steamer basket. Let me explain why.

HB is getting close to starting solids. I have gathered the necessary equipment to make it possible. I bought a baby puree book for ideas (to be reviewed after I’ve tried it out). I’ve read the stuff the doctor gave me and stuff from other feeding books. I bought a box of iron fortified organic brown rice. I bought those fancy covered ice cube trays for freezing. I have the spoons my brother and I used. I have some plastic spoons and little containers for dishing out food from Hubby’s uncle. I have a blender that was Hubby’s ex-roommates. I also have food processor for later when I want to make things chunkier. I also have a number of coupons for those things that are not recommended to make because of nitrates. Carrots for example. I also bought some training cups for once he gets the hang of things. I hate watching kids who are 2 and 3 years old still using bottles. I guess you could say I’m pushing my kid to grow up. I bought a stainless steal pot because all my other pots are non-stick. And I bought the steamer basket. I’m ready.

To be perfectly honest with you, I had no idea what a steamer basket was until I went looking for it. Sure I’ve seen them before. To me they look like some fun culinary thing that a child would play with. I had no idea what they were for because most every veggie I’ve ever eaten has been boiled or nuked. Now I know. I can’t wait to try it out.

I’m so excited about HB starting solids. I’ve already decided a short list of things to try: rice, squash, apple, and sweet potato. I’m dreading the sweet potato and eventually bananas. I know that you have to show your kid how to eat it by demonstrating. I hate sweet potatoes and bananas. Although I think this is a great opportunity for hubby to be involved in the feeding process. Thus far, he has been on the short end of the stick. All he did in the beginning was diapers. Now he plays a little with him. But he’s never been able to feed him. So I figure he should be the one to introduce him to solids. It seems the right thing to do. Plus Hubby is not the picky eater that I am so there’s less of a chance of funny faces being made. Hubby eats bananas. He eats just about anything; even my sometimes-not-so-great experiments.

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  1. LOL I don't like bananas either. Never ate them for Kalila and she still loves them. I loved making her baby food though... and am looking forward to doing it w/ Zavier. Doing things a bit differently this time (we got the organic cereal for her too... skipping it all together w/ him), but still making it.


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