Monday, July 19, 2010

Do Nothing Green and car seats

There's this great article about how doing nothing is actually greener. Click here.

On that note, my lap top's right shift key has been sticking so I'm going to have take it in. I plan on not posting while it's in the shop (even though hubby's puter is just right over ---->) so that I can take a break and get much needed to do stuff done around here. Call it being green and stopping procrastinating.

Also thought I'd tell you a neat little story about the journey of our car seat. We have a Graco snugride. Yep, a dreaded bucket seat. It was free. Someone initially bought it for their child, who outgrew the seat. They gave it to my friend V, who had a daughter. V's daughter L outgrew the carseat at about 9 months. V, feeling that it would also be a waste to not pass it on, gave it to us. V's sister, A, is having twin boys!! Crazy right? So we thought that we needed to pass the seat on to be used by one of A's children. She's getting a two seater stroller which uses, Graco snugrides. Perfect! Now the car seat will have been used well. And it won't expire until 2012 (yes they have expiration dates).

The moral of this story is to keep giving and passing on good stuff. Now I'm not saying go and buy a carseat from the web from a person who may/may not have been in a car accident. But if your friend, who you know and trust, has a child who has outgrown theirs, then sure take it. Or if your child is outgrowing theirs (or you suddenly move to New York, NY and sell your car), go ahead and give it to someone. It's the green thing to do.

On that note, do not under any circumstances use a seat that has been in a car accident. It's like bike helmets; even if it looks great there's still a problem that you might not be able to see. Get rid of the seat and buy a new one.


  1. Have to add that no one should feel uncomfortable turning down a car seat even from someone they trust. Yeah it may be ok in that situation but if you're still uncomfortable with it (I am honestly, esp after whats happened with the one I've mentioned) there is nothing wrong saying no. And there are some great places to take those car seats to be recycled into other things or used by safety experts to show how things need to be done :-)

  2. Good point. It's good to research the car seat first and to look it over. If you are wondering why they are passing something on besides the obvious (outgrew it), then don't take it. Chances are there was something they didn't like about it and maybe aren't telling you. But the worse is you take it and discover it's not working and then buy a new one.

  3. True. In my case it wasn't anything like that. She was trying to help us out, knew we had another baby coming and thought passing a carseat would help. And it was laying around since her daughter outgrew it. I really don't think there is any more too it than that. But... Its an awful carseat. Like I wonder if there was any research put into buying it or if it was because of its price. She gave it to us when Kalila was not ready to be turned around FF yet and it doesn't RF. She turned a month later but was still nowhere near the minimum weight limit. And I was made to feel about // big for turning it down (I had another seat picked out already). She turned right around and offered it to my FIL who said yes without even consulting me. Unfortunately I didn't know about the weight thing until much much later.

    Oh and if you do take a hand me down from someone you trust make sure to get the manual. Is not considered safe to use a seat w/out one... This is coming from someone who didn't know that and has 2 w/out (one was missing in the box. We found it online, but its a hassel).

  4. I hate to do this, but can you do me a huge favour and delete my last comment (and this one). For one I prob shouldn't have gone there.. I don't seem to have much of a filter on this subject lol. And I'm writing a carseat post in the next few weeks and don't want to risk the wrong person linking over (because I mention this one) and me having to shovel you know what to get myself out of it. Thanks :-j


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