Monday, July 12, 2010

Do you know....

Do you know where your fluff stuff is coming from? I went on several major manufacturers of cloth diapers websites to investigate. A couple were not very clear about where their goods were coming from. Here is the list of what I could find.

BumGenius- St. Louis, MO

Fuzzi Bunz-Lafayette, LA

Thirsties- Canon City, CO

Gro Via- Started in Montana has a factory in China

Happy Heinz- El Cajon, CA

Kissaluvs- Houston, TX

Smartipants- Gardena, CA

Knickernappies- Oregon

Tots Bots- Glasgow, Scotland

Rumparooz- Golden, CO

Babykicks- Maryland

Rockymountain diapers- USA

Bummis- Montreal Canada

Mother Ease- Ontario, Canada

Update 8/12/10: Litewrap- China

Do you know who owns your favorite all-natural products? Some are owned by the same manufacturers who produce bleach. You can take it to mean that these companies are becoming earth-conscientious or that small earth-friendly products are selling out.

Tom’s of Maine- Major Stock Holder is Colgate

Burt’s Bees- owned by Clorox

Seventh Generation- self owned, US based

Jason Natural- self owned, US based

California Baby- self owned, US based

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps- self owned and family run, US based

Kiss my Face- self owned, US based

Avalon Organics- self-owned, US based

Did you know that BumGenius 4.0 has been created? The newest features are snaps (yeah!) and ease access elastic for easy replacement.


  1. I knew about BG lol. I was waiting by the comp to see what the updates would be despite not caring for them so much anymore. Silly right?

    I now know where my diapers are from :-D Thanks! No I knew Thirsties were from Co. RearZ (while not my fav) is from Canada. I've seen a couple others, but don't remember off the top of my head.

    We use Burts Bees a lot and that ownership bothers me... I knew about it already though. Unfortunately we're on a budget and its one of the cheaper brands (wonder why). I've used Avalon too.. Right now we have Earths Best Organics for baby shampoo but I think that's the Jason one.

  2. I watch a lot of documentaries (long explanation as to how) and I recently watched Food, Inc. One of the organic yogurt companies mentioned that a lot of these "hippy" companies were now owned by large corporations. He said some people thought it was selling out, but in his view he is reducing carbon emissions by the tons so it's really a win win situation. In other words, I'm trying to think the best of Burts bees. I hope that clorox bought them in order to move to being a greener company. And the ads for all their "green" products kinda help me with that theory.

    I was a bit shocked to discover one of the companies is in China. The others I knew where in different locations in the US. I like the fact that Thirsties is relatively close. It makes me feel like my footprint is small.

  3. Yeah I'm pretty close (relatively speaking) to Thirsties too and it is nice. I've seen other diapers from China and I avoid them like the plague. Not just the reasons you brought up in another post, which are good points, but all the issues revolving around their stuff. I want quality in my diapers, and I doubt I'll get it coming from China.

    And I hope that's the case w/ Burts Bees. Them owning it isn't enough to stop me buying it, but... just had a sinking feeling when I saw it. Hopefully it will help though.


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