Saturday, July 24, 2010

giveaways and life

Ironic adj Poignantly contrary to what was expected or intended

Last night HB had a rough night. I mean real rough woke up and couldn't go back to sleep twice and woke up one other time. I tried to feed him but that wasn't the problem. Neither was his diaper. Maybe it's teething? Maybe it's the need for cuddles? Maybe he was cold? Anyways...we couldn't figure it out so hubby kicked me out of bed and co-slept with HB. I was on the couch. This is ironic given three months ago when HB would have trouble sleeping I basically would kick hubby out of bed to sleep on the couch.

I also expect to be getting my lap top fixed today so this will be the last post for a while. I need to focus on some house hold stuff (like the baby book) and less on preoccupying myself with politics, parenting, and the environment. I'm guessing it will take a week. It's only the shift key.

Oh, and giveaways:
5 yes 5 different natural sunscreen giveaways here and a review of said product here

Also pearl bracelet made by Cam here

Best of luck!


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  2. If it's teething, I feel bad for all 3 of you. It's a rough period to go through until each new tooth emerges. Ora jel worked great for John, but I'm not sure pediatrician's recommend that anymore. Too bad for the poor little guy.

  3. We used orajel a couple times too, but it can numb the back of the throat and cause problems... I wasn't comfortable with that, but I know others who swear by it. We've already started Zavier on Hylands gel (I'm a bit nervous about the tablets this young). The past few days he's been extra fussy too.. as have a few other babies I know or know of. Seems to be in the air.


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