Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I thought that I'd let you know...

I thought that I'd let you know that my Thursday topic will be dealing with the consumerism and marketing to children. To give you a heads up, I encourage you to watch this seven part series on youtube.

The sixth part deals specifically to marketing directed to infants and toddlers. I will state it again. Things like Baby Einstein, Baby Signs, LeapFrog, and Baby Mozart do not work. Babies and toddlers do not learn better because of mass media and electronic gadgetry. Human interactions and human connections are what babies and toddlers crave and need in order to learn. There is no emperical scientific evidence that any of these programs make babies or toddlers smarter. In fact, just the opposite. Children are now developing ADD, ADHD, depression, diabetes, etc at alarming rates because they are deprived of the fundamental method in which they learn: that is to have free play.

Please watch. It is the most shocking thing that I have seen and my own dad has a degree in marketing. It's real and not fake. They expect parents to regulate what children are doing but as the clips show, how can a parent compete when an advertiser is basically saying that your child will not be smart, will not excel, will fall behind other children because they do not have LeapFrog, etc. Do not buy into it. (bad pun I know) Be vigilante. Tell people why this stuff is bad.

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