Saturday, July 3, 2010

Peace Activist of the Week- JK Rowling aka Joanne Murray

This month is Peace Activist of the Week- Celebrity Edition. I will be featuring well known celebrities and how they use their celebrity to shed light on the horrors of human life. First up is JK Rowling aka Joanne Murray, celebrated children's author.

JK Rowling (b. 1965) is well known for her philanthropy. She supports One Parent Families, an organization founded in Britain largely to keep single parent families out of poverty. She also supports MS society of Great Britain. Her own mother died from the disease while in her 40s. Through JK, I learned that there is a high concentration of Scottish people who have the disease. She spends her time raising money for Comic Relief, founded to raise money to fight famine in Ethiopia. Also upon seeing a news article about crib children, JK Rowling co-founded Children's High Level Group to get children in Bucharest orphanages out of cribs. Before completing the books, she worked for Amnesty International, a group that works for the rights of refugees. She truly cares about the poor and children since she was poor before she wrote the Harry Potter Books. To get an idea of how dedicated she is to the poor, I encourage you to view her Harvard Commencement Speech.

Because of her love of people, I honor JK Rowling as my peace activist of the week.

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