Friday, July 2, 2010

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz or I'm a Worrier

I come from a long line of worriers. My grandfather worried himself so much over the instillation of new carpet in his home that he threw up the dinner we fed him. My father, taking after his dad, is an admitting worrier. And yesterday, I joined their ranks.

After weighing HB and discovering that not only is he not gaining he's loosing, I made an appointment with pediatrician. The lady making the appointment asked me what it was about so I told her. She then said, "talk to the nurse first and see if you need to come in." Okay. Stupid because I know that he needs to come in but okay. The nurse was at lunch so she called me later. Asked me questions and said, "Yeah, he needs to come in and be evaluated." Anticipating that there would not be any openings until next week. She told me that they had several cancellations and asked if I could come by the next day. Sure.

The whole day, I worried. I had been doing the best I could. I was feeding him when he should be fed even to the point that he would rather gnaw then eat. I monitored his diapers. His pees and poops were all within normal range. He wasn't lethargic. In fact the opposite, he was irritable often. Recently at night, he was getting more irritable. I just couldn't wrap my head around what I was doing wrong. And to top it all of the lactation consult was telling me to take supplements and to pump. I hate pumping. No offense. But it doesn't feel very productive for me.

I figured the pediatrician could help. She's a baby doctor. The lactation consult specializes in breastfeeding.

I went to the pediatrician's office. HB was on my hip, something I've only been doing recently since he's got more balance. They looked at him and said that he looked great and fine to them too. I went in and the nurse said the same thing. So I stripped him and set him on the scale. Yep, he's lost weight according to their scale (an ounce). She even made me weigh him again to be sure. Yeah, I know. That's why I brought him.

The doctor looks at him and says, "I think he's a great candidate for solids. He's close enough to six months. He hasn't gained weight. He's not sleeping well at night. Start him on rice cereal and introduce oatmeal or a light colored veggie in three days. Bring him back in next week. If he doesn't start packing on pounds again, we'll do blood work."

I'm not introducing the oatmeal. Hubby's grandpa has celiac disease. I forgot to say that, but oh well. No biggie. I'll mention it next week. If HB has celiac disease and I give him oatmeal, he'll start loosing weight even more. So we'll give him rice and squash. Then maybe we'll try oatmeal when he's closer to age 1.

As soon as I got home, I put his high chair on a chair (we have a compact model). I mixed up the rice with formula (it's about to expire that's why; I hate wasting food). And since hubby had the same thing I had the night before (can't sleep syndrome must be something in the water), he slept in and stayed home to work on writing his thesis. I came in and gave him the schpeel. And we fed HB rice cereal.

Both of us were in a state of shock. I mixed it pretty watery thinking it would be difficult, but no. Hubby put a little on the spoon and brought it up to HB's mouth. HB opened his mouth and ate it!! Didn't need to show him how. No big deal to him. He did make a little bit of a face once he tasted it, but kept right on eating it!!! What?! My kid knows how to eat from a spoon. I've heard too many horror stories where babies spit the stuff back out because of that pesky reflex or look at you like they don't know what you're doing. But no. He knew exactly what was happening.

And that's when I felt relief. He wanted to eat real food. He knew how to eat real food. We were the one's holding him back. My gut told me two weeks ago to start but that LC said to wait. I'm going to listen to my gut more.

So I feel tons better. I left to grab lunch and Hubby finished feeding him. When I came back, Hubby said that HB started fussing toward the end so he cleaned him up and put him to bed. Hubby had a little trouble getting HB to stop putting his hands in his mouth where the food was. Funny.

We plan on feeding him tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening. Monday, I'm going to go to one of our stores that carries a wider selection of organic produce and look for squash. I will introduce that in Tuesday morning to see if he has a reaction to it and move rice cereal to the evening meal.

Oh, and there's pictures on this blog



  1. Aww. Yeah the reflex thing being gone is a good sign. Personally I still worry about the "open gut" thing, but like your pedi said... he is closer to 6 months. Is better than I did with Kalila, we started her right at 4. I hope this does help him gain weight too... I've heard that sometimes solids do the opposite (because BM has more calories). But... looking at him having the diapers, nursing to the point he is, and all of that... is worth trying.

    Oh... I don't know if you've been there or not, but just in case. is a GREAT resource for starting solids. Most things you can do w/out a recipe really lol, but it has charts of what's good for what ages and all sorts of other advice. They changed up the look since I used it last so have to get used to that but I'm looking forward to using it again :-)

  2. She told me to watch the poop and said if he had diarrhea to stop. So far so good. She wants to try it to rule it out as the reason he's not gaining weight. I was also anticipating stopping if the reflex was still there, but since it isn't we'll just keeping going as planned. Very slowly of course.

    Oh thanks for the website. I'll have to check it out later. I'm waiting for the water to boil, literally.


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