Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prayer Power

I know many of you have been praying for HB and his "failure to thrive" diagnosis and I am truly thankful. I'm pretty sure that his diagnosis will be reversed very soon. So let me tell you everything that has happened so far since I last spoke about the subject on Friday.

Friday we started feeding him like mad. We breezed through the sweet potatoes. He really loves those things. The zucchini, he's not too fond of so we started adding it to the sweet potatoes so that he wouldn't taste them as much. Over the weekend, his poop output went way up. He was having a BM every time after he ate. We fed him about 4 or 5 times of solid foods daily. He was eating about 2 ozs at every feeding. (That's about 8-10oz of solid foods daily, but I would say it's more because we would start on a third ounce and he wouldn't be able to finish it.). On top of that we also fed him breastmilk and tried to implement formula (he really hates that stuff). I started taking fenugreek supplements to try to boost the supply. I've followed the dosing instructions, but I really can't tell if the stuff is working.

On Monday, I went to the hospital and rented a breast pump again (there is talk that we might actually buy one, but we may wait until Hubby gets paid again which isn't until September). I've rented it for the month since I've read that it can take 6-8 weeks to get a supply up using pumping. I started pumping as much as possible, which usually involves when he takes a nap, for about 15 minutes each session. That's what the LC had recommended. Each pump generates about an ounce total (each breast is about 1/2 ounce). But pumping is far easier than it was when HB was three weeks old. When first starting, I never got anything. And when I did get my measly 1 ounce it took about 20 minutes of pumping. So I count this as a small step in the positive. I started mixing the pumped milk in with his cereal and leaving about half an ounce to an ounce for practicing. He can't seem to get the hang of using a bottle nipple or a sippy cup.

We introduced bananas on Tuesday and now he's constipated. When the doctor called yesterday (Wednesday), she told us to switch to peaches or pears. The peaches were on sale so I bought a ton yesterday, but wisely only made a puree from two peaches in case he had a reaction. We have a ton of pureed banana in the freezer. So far he hasn't pooped today but he's trying.

On Tuesday I took him for the blood work. He actually didn't cry until they started to dig the needle around in his elbow after they had tried to draw enough blood from his hand. Eventually they did the heel. Poor baby. The blood work came back fast. The doctor called us yesterday (Wednesday) and said that his liver enzymes were high but still within the normal range (sound familiar, Mom). I told her that when I was a child, mine were really elevated. She asked me how the feedings were going. I told her about the bananas and that we were using pumped breastmilk instead of formula as a supplement. He's more apt to try a bottle with breastmilk in it then with formula. But he does end up chewing it since he's teething (I think). She asked me how much I was pumping.

Wednesday we went to the library's baby storytime. We go every week. It's free and a way to get out of the house and stay cool. The lady who runs the program remarked on how much he had grown in the last week. (Happy thoughts were running through my head). I told her everything that had been happening and she wished me luck and a happy birthday. My birthday is on Saturday.

Today I was on pins and needles to get to BSG (breastfeeding support group). It was really a large group today. Lots of new babies. And one poor mommy with a baby who had a rather frightening look of jaundice. He was very yellow. Prayers for him. Anyway, HB was covered in peach juice because I just fed him. I stripped him naked with lots of breath holding and put him on their scale. He weighs.....14 lbs and 4 oz!!!!! He gained 10 ounces in a week!!!! I was so happy. It's made my birthday. I glowed the entire time I was at BSG and could barely contain myself.

So now HB is sleeping and I really need to get a pump in so I'll leave you with the happy news and post something more along parenting lines later this evening.

Psalm 9:1-2

1 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonders.

2 I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.


  1. Wow, that's like exactly double the expected weight gain in a week. Good job lol. Hopefully he'll continue to gain well. Still praying :-)

  2. Thanks! He's still behind for what he should be. I think at 6 mos babies are supposed to be about double their birth weight, which would be 16 lb. 8oz for HB. He's got two weeks til then. So I doubt we'll make it, but hopefully we'll be closer.


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