Thursday, July 8, 2010

So need to do dishes

I have a little time to start working on dishes so I will make this short and sweet.

HB has lost another ounce. It's really frustrating because he loves solid foods. He hates rice but the sweet potatoes he will eat 1 ounce twice a day, which is good when you're starting out. I still BF as normal and it's actually easier because he's not so frustrated. The LC was amazed by this, but yeah, I can feed him without him becoming hysterical. Maybe he's growing and his body is still eating up stored calories. Don't know.

I made him sweet potatoes. It was really very easy. I peeled the potatoes and cut them up and then used the steam basket (sweet!) to steam them for about 20 minutes. While I waited, I did the dishes. The sweet potato was really mushy by that point. Then I put it in my blender and add the water at the bottom of the pot. I transferred the mixture into my ice cube trays and put the remainder in an air tight container and placed it in the fridge. After we finished the stuff in the fridge, which can last up to three days. We go and get a cube and reheat it. It takes literally no time at all to make your own baby food and it's tons cheaper. BTW sweet potatoes are different then yams. Sweet potatoes look like misshapen potatoes and are white. Yams are orange. But the US uses the two terms interchangeably despite the fact that they come from two different plants. Even the USDA requires that the terms are labeled interchangeably. Confusing. Also strange, yams and sweet potatoes are not related to regular potatoes.

On another note, I got my diaper sprayer yesterday, but haven't installed it yet. I had ordered it anticipating the start of solids, but we ended up starting them before it came in. So I've had to do the most disgusting thing ever: scrap and plunge and swish. I don't know how CDing moms do that on a regular basis. I absolutely refuse to use the toilet for the plunging and swishing. I've been using the sink. Before you go and think that's disgusting here's my reasoning....the toilet has standing water that grows mold, mildew, and bacteria from the fecal particles that don't get flushed. The sink doesn't have standing water. It still has the fecal matter you put in it from washing your hands, but you can clean the sink afterwards. And yes, your sink has fecal matter in it. The Health Department in my state says that children must have separate drinking facilities from hand washing sinks in day cares because they don't want children filling a cup with water from a sink that has poop particles in it. So unless you wash your sink right after you or your family uses it, it's got poop in it. That's why it's a bit gross to keep your toothbrush nearby that and the toilet spray.

But I digress...I also order a whamies diaper pail liner. I won a gift certificate from MK (thanks!) and they had a deal over the weekend from free shipping or 10 % off your order so I took advantage. It hasn't come in yet.

I promise to talk more about folding prefolds and washing cloth diapers more, but I'm running out of time. Congrats Cam on the new baby!

Here's a pic of HB in a Thirsties diaper cover. I've lately tried to match his covers with the color of the outfit he's wearing. Is that okay to do with a little boy? Oh, well.


  1. Cute! I love the Wahmies bags btw... I've got a planet wise one on hte way and hoping it measures up. I don't mind the dunk and swish... I get how it bothers some, but it really doesn't me. I did use the shower head as a sprayer a lot w/ Kalila when first starting solids, but not an option here. I would love a sprayer, but hubby won't ok it because its not a necessary expense. Sigh... Oh well. Starting solid poo is nowhere near as bad as Kalila's acidic diarrhea... I think I can handle about anything after that lol.

    Oh and I can't wait to do baby food agian! I never did sweet potatoes last time... did butternut squash though, a bit hard to cut but Kalila loved it.

  2. Hubby and I don't run into this approval of buying stuff issue. We give each other a small allowance every month. So if he wants a new game or I want to buy something unnecessary for HB, we just buy it with our own money. It has saved us a lot of arguments. Now we just discuss what the parameters are for stuff that comes out of the house account or our own money.

  3. Makes sense... I know if I really wanted it I could do the same, but I like to be on the same page before making purchases like that. Especially since we're on such a tight budget. Its getting better (drastically better) but I don't want to regret a purchase later. I don't think I would with this one, but still lol. What's funny is he's always telling me I can use the money he gives me on payday (pulls out some each time) for books or whatever when I ask before doing it... but he always asks when he wants a game or movie too.

  4. I've realized after the fact that I might have offended you. Things have been so stressful lately that I've just typed something up quickly for a short explanation. I'm sorry if you took it that way.

    To explain it better, we set up the allowance before we were married. We decided to give ourselves an allowance before the fact. Any money that we had before we were married has remained ours and as for the debt (except for the car which we drove mine a lot before we were married because it has AC) that remained ours too. We started off with a clean slate. Any money we accumulated from wedding gifts to salary/investments became family money. Hubby did have more money then myself so he did put a sizable down payment on our condo. It hasn't been entirely equal, but we agreed on these things and tried to make them as a fair as possible.

    After that we gave ourselves a bi-weekly stipend. Since I quit working, we've had to tighten our belts. As a result the allowance has been cut in half. Right now we each get 50 dollars a month to spend as we please. It's really nothing compared to some friends of ours who turned us onto the idea of having an allowance in the first place. I may be mistaken but they give themselves about 100 dollars a week. Granted they are both working good jobs. Hubby is a grad student.

    For the summer we are living off of what we have saved throughout the year. Before I quite working we were able to invest or put more into the mortgage, but we haven't been able to do that. At the end of the summer, we will have cut our savings in half. So I totally get the having to watch expenses.

    I'm in charge of day to day short term stuff like paying bills and watching our bank account get smaller and smaller. Hubby is in charge of long term investments since he had them before we were married. If we get into a pickle, we've come up with several ideas to get our finances boosted. One of the ways is selling our stocks, but we haven't gotten to that point yet. We want to save those for those rainy days like a water pipe bursts in the condo or one of the cars needs a major overhaul.

    So to get to the point, the allowance was from when we were first married, when we were more financially stable. If it comes down to it, we'll get rid of it and deal with what we have saved up in our "mad money" accounts. It's really about the only thing that we can tighten at this point anyway. We don't have cable. We have basic phone. Hubby's car is not worth anything so we wouldn't want to sell mine in case his breaks. The internet is so Hubby can watch the experiments he's running and communicate to proffs. Everything we have is a necessity.

    Although I am proud to say that we have one debt (besides bills) and that's the mortgage. And that's the way we want things to stay. So another option would be for hubby to take out a loan, but that's the lowest idea on the totem pole.

    Hope that you understand that I wasn't trying to be rude or anything.


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