Friday, July 9, 2010


Okay, here's the low down on the dr's appointment today. We went in. The nurse weighed him twice and he had lost an ounce. She left and I fed him. The dr came in and weighed him herself. He had eaten two ounces so he weighed the same. She listened to his heart again and asked me more details about eating.

She told me to feed him as much as he can take. First solids, then breastfeed, and then formula. She said she suspects that my supply has slowly decreased and as a result HB (as happy as can be) hasn't noticed it so the demand hasn't been there. I told her that I try and feed him like a crazy fool but he fights me hard. Even at night he fights me; last night I ended up laying on the floor forcing him to eat because after fifteen minutes, he wasn't really doing anything but screaming. It's been like that for the past two weeks. I'm tired; he's tired, but he isn't eating. I know that this is common, but the problem is that he needs to eat. That's why she told me to give him solids whenever because he's eating those.

She asked me if he would take a bottle and asked me if I had a pump. I don't have a pump but it doesn't matter because he won't take a bottle. She suggested that I put the formula in a cup and feed it to him after breastfeeding (or rather attempting to).

Then she gave me two doctor's orders. One is for an x-ray to rule out heart conditions as the culprit. The other is blood work. We walked in for the x-ray today. That was fun because I tried to feed him but he didn't want it. He was too interested in people watching. They did the x-ray; it was much more bearable than the sweat test. And now I need to schedule the blood work, but I'm fried so I'll do that later. I needed to get all this off my chest so that I could sleep easier.

We came home. He was tired but hadn't fallen asleep in the car so I fed him. I fed him an ounce of sweet potato and about 3 tablespoons of rice cereal. Then I attempted to BF him again but he was falling asleep so I just put him to bed. When he wakes up, I'll BF again and try formula in a cup. We have to go shopping today so I'll buy a hefty order of solids for him. On the list, more sweet potato, another box of rice, zucchini (I couldn't find organic yellow squash last time), banana, and fenugreek (to try to self-boost even though there isn't much of a demand yet). We haven't tried the zucchini yet so I need to make a bunch of that. Looks like I'll be making a ton of baby food tonight.

*sigh* I'm hoping that by stuffing him til his little stomach can't take it anymore will help solve this issue. The dr did say that at least he's maintained. We just need to get him going in the opposite direction.


  1. First off *hugs*

    Second not arguing her directions, just switching order here. Always nurse first... before solids. BM has more calories. Getting full on solids not the best idea esp if there's a weight issue. (note: this is off KellyMom, paraphrased because I've read it so many times both on there and other places quoting it too). I know you said he's not wanting to nurse lately so I wouldn't skip the solids if he won't, but put him to the breast for as long as he'll take it right before.

    Third. If formula is needed (not arguing that) him not doing it from a bottle is best (esp if there really is a supply issue) so the cup thing was a really good suggestion. You can also use a dropper or look into a SNS... which actually would be choice number 1 because it helps stimulate the breast while supplimenting.

    Anyways, I'm just repeating stuff.. would really suggest going to KellyMom if you haven't yet. I'm sure there's more info that could help. Glad he's maintaining though, and hope yall get it figured out soon!

    Oh and fenugreek does a good job w/ helping supply, but even better is oatmeal. Not the instant kind, but the good stuff. Even oatmeal cookies help lol. Of course getting the demand up is gonna be the biggest thing.

  2. I thought that it was bit odd that she wants solids first, but we are going back next week so maybe she'll switch order then. I didn't ask her reasoning for it. We were discussing a lot of things including the lab work and all I kept thinking was dollar signs and more stress for him. I know it's good to rule out any physical factors, but it still makes me nervous. I hate to watch him cry when there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

    I also meant to ask her about sunscreen. I've heard that younger babies can use natural sunscreen, but I forgot.

    I did ask her about celiac disease. She said that me eating wheat wouldn't factor into the equation. It's only when he eats wheat that it might affect him. That was a bit of a relief because I was all about switching to gluten free but that would suck. I can't imagine having to eat bread made from rice, but I'll live.

  3. :-( What you eat can actually affect the baby. I have a friend that's having to cut dairy, soy & eggs all out of her diet because her son is reacting to them in her milk. Cutting gluten would stink, but I wouldn't rule it out.

    I haven't looked into natural sunscreens. I should, but I haven't. We buy an organic one for Kalila, but I know that's not the same. I laughed when we saw our pedi last, she reminded Kalila to have us put it on her when she goes out... Yeah doesn't matter what we put on her, she comes in a nice shade of brown.

    Anyways, sorry about the tests. I'd be worried about the same things, but it is best to find out now rather than later. Even if it hurts to watch them go through it.


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