Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And now for the bad

So here's what's been going on. A couple of weeks ago I received notice from Aetna that our pediatrician and her partner were no longer contracted with Aetna affective the 11 of this month. A day or two later I received a letter from my pediatrician and a letter from the head of AAP to Aetna talking about the issues with vaccinations.

Here's the low down: Aetna is paying half the costs for the PCV13 vaccine to be administered. And my pedi is refusing to give it, although through her contract with Aetna she is supposed to, because they won't pay all her costs for storage, disposal, administration, etc. So Aetna pulled her contract.

I contact the administration of the university where we get our insurance from and spoke to the head of billing. She told me that Aetna's contract with the University is that they are supposed to pay the cost of the vaccine.

Armed with this information and with a number for Aetna's rep to the university, I sent an e-mail to the rep and called her with all the paper trail that I have (the 1st letter, the 2nd letter from pedi, the letter from the AAP) and asked for an explanation. She called me a few days later explaining that she had sent my e-mail through to the proper channels and would contact me within a couple of days to find out what's going on. I haven't heard back from her. I need to e-mail her again.

Needless to say, in the mean time I talked to my pedi and some parents for recommendations and am meeting with a couple of pedi's to pick a new one.

My next goal, should Aetna ignore me, is to contact the administrator for the U and tell her everything that has been going on. Then if nothing comes to it, the new school year is coming up. The school is public property and I've seen protesters out there with the Catholics aren't Christian signs, abortion is death, etc. I plan on going twice a week with HB where most of the student body pass through for a couple of hours (probably lunch time since there's a food court around there) and getting signatures. Yep, I'm going explain to the student population who gets medical coverage through the U what is going on with Aetna and asking them to send a message to the administration that we don't want Aetna as our insurance carrier anymore. I plan on collecting signatures and sending them in a letter to the president of the u and other powers that be. I hope that it won't come down to this, but we need to protect our smallest people: children. We need to protect our health care professionals. And someone needs to make a stink about it. Why not me? The administration isn't really aware of this so I'm going to get them to notice.

Hopefully this protesting of Aetna's policies will have a ripple affect and they will listen to the people who are paying for their pay checks. I can dream right?

Maybe noone will listen, but I'm hoping that the few of you who do have Aetna will find out from you pedi how Aetna is covering their vaccines. If they aren't paying full cost, talk to your Human Resource Department and let them know what's going on. Aetna is cheap for a reason. They are ripping people off.

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  1. :-( That is awful! I hope you find another great pedi. And that something gets done about the situation. I'd be ticked too...


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