Monday, August 9, 2010

And now for the good

The last two weeks have been a bit nuts so I thought that this week I would stear away from my usual course of posts and just have some sort of random ones.

HB had his 6 month check up. He's doing fine. He's up to close to 15 lbs now and is 26 1/2 inches long. The pedi said he's holding steady to the 10% growth curve on weight which is fine since he completely fell off the 50 and 25 % ones. He has a bit of eczema no surprise there. So I'm switching soaps to see if that helps since it's just a little spot on his back. We're having to switch pedi's since Aetna has cancelled their contract with her. I'll post more on that tomorrow. It's a long story.

Anyways...we've tried a two naps schedule but he's fussier than ever so today we've gone back to three naps. Food wise, he's eating us out of house and home. He's eating about 4 and 5 oz every meal four times a day. That's roughly a pound a day. He like orange colored foods so far: butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes/yams. He likes fruit. What he doesn't like is peas, avocados, or zucchini. I mix the peas with carrots. Avocados are too expensive to justify buying them if he hates them and the zucchini can be substituted for another squash. We're trying apples tomorrow. Earlier this week I burnt the blueberry puree. People are starting to wonder why I am even cooking stuff like blueberry. You're supposed to do that when you introduce it because cooking it breaks it down so that the food is a little easier to digest. It's the difference between a big allergy and a minor one.

I like cooking his food it's fun and relatively inexpensive. There's a farmer's market that meets in the mall on Tuesday that I've been meaning to go to, but I usually buy his produce at the local health food store. His organic apples were on sale for 1.88 a pound which is as much as a regular apple out of season. I love our health food store. It's awesome. There are bulk bins (I need to buy some cloth produce/dry good bags), the wonderful produce, the eco-friendly beauty care products, recycled toilet paper, etc. And it's relatively inexpensive. Some of the other health food stores that I've been to aren't that affordable. I usually buy our produce there and get dairy and other goods at the regular store. Oh, and the health food store has gluten free stuff so if HB does have celiac disease my life will be so much easier. Gluten free bread anyone?

While at the health food store on Friday, I saw some orthodox Jews (judging by the clothing) shopping. On the way home I passed by some Indian ladies walking down the street. I love the diversity of our city. It's so interesting to see how people lead their lives.

Today I was driving back home and they are building a Armenian church. Very cool looking.

Also after our beloved local baby store closed, a new one opened in March. I saw it while getting lost and went there today to look around. They sell Litewrap, Bummis and Fuzzibunz but the owner legitimately wanted me to let him know if there was anything I'm interested in. Maybe I can convince them to sell Thirsties too. That would be cool. They also sell Melissa and Doug toys which aren't eco-friendly but are kid's imagination and US made friendly. They sell Moby wraps and Ktans. I'm totally excited that I can get stuff and possibly bargain for it from an actual store. We do have a local lady that sells cloth diapers, but you still have to have it shipped. Shipping is free but I'd rather get it when I go in some place than have to wait.

And now for the bad tomorrow...


  1. Yay!

    I don't remember if I cooked the blueberries or not when I introduced them, but Kalila reacted horribly. There was bleeding... I think she's outgrown it but not 100% sure.

    I wish we had a store like that... No there is one but its really high end/we can't afford much in there. Plus one like the lady you mentioned. We can get around shipping costs but only if we have her husband take the stuff to work with him and last time we did that our rash cream melted. Not cool.

    The diversity thing is something I like about here too :-)

  2. Hi Delta,
    Your mother made all of your baby food. She would get a package of chicken breasts, boil them and then grind them up. (Today you would use a food chopper.) Them she would open a can of peas, beans, carrots, ets. Grind them up and add them to the chicken. She would put this in the small margarine bowls that she saved and then she would freeze them. She would take them out of the freezer and put then in the refrigerator; or take them out of the freezer and deforst them in the microwave. Either way they were heated in the microwave. She did buy you applesause and the fruit baby food.

  3. They still sell grinders in baby stores. I puree his veggies and fruits and freeze them in ice cube trays and transfer than to freezer bags that I reuse. We haven't introduced meats yet. When I find a new pedi that's probably what I'll ask. The cook book for purees doesn't talk about meats until they are 7 or 8 months old so I'm in no hurry. He gets his iron from me or the cereal.


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