Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review- Feeding the Brazelton Way

Feeding the Brazelton Way by Joshua D. Sparrow is a comprehensive book about feeding children from pregnancy and birth to age 5. The book discusses breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, the start of solid foods, and how to deal with the feeding issues at every age.

For breastfeeding mothers, it talks about the usual length of time, including dad in the process (bottle introduction at 3 weeks), fussiness, the amount of urine and feces output, check-ups, etc.

I like this book because it take you through all the stages of feeding. It helps me be aware that in a couple of months HB will want to feed himself and also start to throw food on the floor.

The other great thing about this book is that he talks about ghosts in the nursery. He's referring to things that we experienced and heard as children and how we need to deal with these things apart from when we feed our own children. Things like making dessert a reward for finishing dinner, spoon feeding children who are old enough, making children take a bite to learn a new food, getting children to finish their plates, sending a child to bed without food as a punishment, etc. He says that meals should be both pleasurable and relaxing for children. The more we as parents are concerned about our children eating enough and a balanced diet the more our children pick up on that. Trying to force children to eat food will only back fire. It can lead to poor eating habits, obesity, etc. He says as long as a child continues to grow at a normal rate, we should not stress ourselves about what they are eating and how much. If the pediatrician feels that it is necessary we can always give a multi-vitamin during those refusal times. This is very reassuring to me as a parent because my parents never did dessert as a reward although I know a lot of parents do. I also have horrible memories of being made "to try" something. I still to this day will not eat cooked carrots. Sparrow says that if you keep providing the child with the food at different meals then eventually they will try it. And if they don't there is always another meal so don't offer any alternatives if that's not what others are eating.

Another great book that I have already reviewed that discusses solely breastfeeding can be found here.


  1. I never thought I would need to work at this area but I do. I'm bad about trying to make Kalila eat a certain way... I know I am though and trying to work at not doing it. Is so much easier when they're still EBF lol. I'm leaning towards baby led weaning w/ Zavier now, not just in the sense of extended BFing, but w/ solids too. Letting him feed himself from the start. I'm hoping that will help me not get started on the same bad habits as I have with her. Easier to work on fixing one than two right? I hope... LOL

  2. It's one of the things that I'm worried about too.

    Hubby believes that HB should try things, but I don't believe in pushing that. He asked me how we would get around him eating the same things and I said that it's actually pretty normal for kids at certain stages to only eat the same thing and not try anything new. But you just have to keep putting the new thing on their plate. Eventually after offering it 10-20 times, they will actually try it on their own without parental intervention.

    You just have to be extremely patient, persistent, and not let it get personal to you. I read in the book that a number of moms make special things for their children to have the child refuse to eat it. Then the mom gets upset. My pediatrician (we're going to have to loose her will post about it after this week) said that when he's nine months to start offering him table foods that we're eating. That way you say, well this is what everyone is eating. And from the start you don't make anything special.


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