Saturday, August 21, 2010

China in the News

Sorry if you're getting tired about China, but these news pieces aren't front page news. So I'm sharing.
China's Ansteel says it is committed to US deal
"State-run Ansteel, one of China's top steelmakers, signed an agreement with the Mississippi-based company in May that includes construction of five plants in the United States."

"Sino-US relations have been strained this year over a range of economic and trade issues, including the value of the Chinese currency and Google's spat with Beijing over censorship."
Pentagon takes aim at China cyber threat
"The U.S. for the first time is publicly warning about the Chinese military's use of civilian computer experts in clandestine cyber attacks aimed at American companies and government agencies."

"The assertion shines a light on a quandary that has troubled American authorities for some time: How does the U.S. deal with cyber espionage emanating from China and almost certainly directed by the government — despite the fact that U.S. officials don't have or can't show proof of those ties?
Asked about the civilian hackers, a Defense Department spokesman said the Pentagon is concerned about any potential threat to its computer networks. The Pentagon, said Cmdr. Bob Mehal, will monitor the PLA's buildup of its cyberwarfare capabilities, and 'will continue to develop capabilities to counter any potential threat.' "
China Fires Back on U.S. Report
"The document, issued to Congress on Monday, asserted Chinese defense planners were focused on bringing Japan, the Philippines and Guam within striking range. China has also boosted spending for its nuclear weapons, long-range missiles, submarine and aircraft carrier programs, among other efforts, the report said."

"The Pentagon said that 'China has the most active land-based ballistic and cruise missile program in the world.' Up to 1,150 missiles are believed to be aimed at the island of Taiwan, which has an autonomous government but is still held in Beijing to be Chinese territory."

"Taipei also said it would closely follow China's military growth, as did Japan.
Tokyo will 'keep paying attention to China's military trend,' a Japanese Defense Ministry spokeswoman said. 'It will have a significant impact on security in the region, including Japan, and on the international community,' she said."

Opinion Piece:,0,2337539.story
Straight talk on Taiwan
"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton correctly warned Beijing against cutting off freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. The Obama administration worries that Beijing is defining its claims there as 'core interests' on a par with Tibet and Taiwan, and if unchallenged, that could lead to dangerous Chinese adventurism."

"Neither Beijing nor Washington wants war, but as long as China believes the U.S. will ultimately abandon democratic Taiwan to avoid it, the danger of conflict increases."

"Finally, Clinton should reconsider her reluctance to challenge China's sorry human rights record. A more principled stand in support of Chinese democracy is the best long-term solution to the cross-strait conundrum. Two democratic peoples could peacefully manage the question of unification, independence or association. There would be no intractable Taiwan problem if there were no enduring Communist China problem."

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