Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Day

I had this great blog entry in mind, but alas the day has been a bit more interesting. So I thought I'd share.

1st of all, I've become popular. I don't know how. I have so much trouble making friends with other women that I truly thought that for the rest of my life I would be the quiet mom in the room slowly turning the same color as the wall paper. But no. A couple of weeks ago one of the ladies at BSG actually asked me for my phone number so we could meet up at the library for baby story time. And people actually talk to me like we're sorta buddies. Yeah.

I think I only realized it today because there I was standing there changing HB to weigh him and someone said "Hey, (fill in my actual name here)" I said, "Hey" at the same time I turned my head and did a double take. Because my friend with the soon to be twins and a friend of hers were walking through the door. Weird, since I've mentioned her earlier today and yesterday. Anyways...then we sat around and talked and the other women totally chimed in on the conversation. So it wasn't like me sitting there listening.

Mostly my friend and her friend were looking for a support group and were asking about pumps and things. My friend wants to pump so that her husband can feed the twins while she sleeps. At least until they sleep more. I told her that I ended up sleeping with HB next to me and would doze while he ate in bed. She had never thought of that option so there you go. I'm a nursing pro. The other ladies who've more pumping experience said that it was a relief to get their husbands to feed their babies while they slept for a little while. Also she was a bit concerned about buying vs renting a pump. I asked her if her sister still had hers and she said that her sister had given it to her but she was concerned about sharing it. But I told her that it's your sister not a stranger to clean the parts you can and use it. Don't waste your money. Even the LC would say that that is perfectly fine. That's what I would do if I had a sister.

HB weighed 15 lbs 3 oz. He didn't gain much, but we feed him a ton of food. He eats a pound and a half a day of solids and no telling how much breast milk. Where's it all going?! That's when the LC asked me if I had moved HB clear across the room or had he gotten there all himself. "No, he started here on the blanket. If he's bothering you, I can go get him, but there's no point. He'll just move wherever he wants to." Then it dawned on me. Duh! He's moving. All the food he's eating is being worked out of his body with all the rolling.

This afternoon I took HB to the hearing lab again, the one that studies brain waves, which had started back up this semester. HB played with a new person. This time his tests were behavioral. She played him high and low pitches and different sh sounds. For one sound nothing happened on the screen so the lab person distracted him with legos. The other tone would sound and then the screen would have some sort of graphic. It took a while for him to get the idea, but once he figured out one sound didn't do anything and the other one did, he caught on to the game no matter what set of tones. He actually got really bored with it.

The professor called him her "star" because he runs these labs so well. She asked for him to come back so that he would motivate her for a new test. She said that there has been some behavioral work studying babies who have one constant sound in the background and one pulsating louder sound in the foreground. Most adults ignore the background, but babies absorb both sounds. She said that nobody has studied the brain waves for it and that's what she wants to do. So HB will be one of her test subjects.

After that HB crashed for half an hour. Then he snuggled up to me very sleepily. Lately he's been waking up at night and early in his naps even though he's tired. Usually he nibbles and sleeps. I think he's hitting a new milestone of sorts. Seems to be the consensus thought at BSG that babies do that when there's a new milestone.

After that, he woke up fully and we went to a dinner that the KOC's were putting on. Of course they tried to recruit Hubby, which is just funny because he's not Catholic. But they ended up talking to him about converting. He was all polite about it. In case you don't the acronym. KOC stands for Knights of Columbus. They're sort of a Catholic version of the deaconate at a Protestant church. Men are recruited and generally are men of great faith. They help the people in their area who need it. For example, they hold tootsie roll drives for things like MS and whatnot. They also help seminarians who need books and things like that. KOC was originally formed in the US by a priest. It was designed to help the widows and orphans. KOC still provides insurance and other benefits to it's member to help promote and protect the family unit.

The dinner was fun. I strategically sat us close to a family with kids so HB wouldn't annoy the older people there. We ended up sitting in front of a knight and his two children who were 3 years and 7 years old. He was very nice and we talked about kids mostly. He said that he had been a knight for only 2 years and wished that he had joined when he was younger.

We came home and I put HB in his "new" sleeper pjs. They have puppies all over them. I need to take a picture.

And now I'm off to bed!

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  1. Fun! I've noticed the same thing about milestones too. And I've seen it written in baby sites/books too.


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