Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dishwasher-Part 2

Today was a backwards day. I made dinner this morning. It was crock pot chilli. I washed dishes when I normally do so at night. And this afternoon I did the sheets which I normally wash in the morning. But they turned the water off so I reversed everything.

This morning I hand washed the dishes. I had intended to be using a new dishwasher but that was not to be. At the very last our garbage disposal died. It's getting power but the blades aren't turning. Any ideas?

So they spent three hours getting the valve replaced to the outside of the building. I spent the day bored because as I said there was no water. So I spent the day doing odds and ends around the house that could be done but aren't that imperative. For example, HB watched me sew on buttons that had fallen off and file documents into our file thingy.

I waited until the guys came to install the new dishwasher. There were two guys this time; one was being trained. And they were different guys. I explained what happened yesterday. The trainer guy looked at my sink valve and said "let me get some WD40 and try it." Couple of squirts and wallah; it works. Then he looked at the breaker box and did the smart thing. He turned on the knob and asked me to wait til I heard the dishwasher turn off from the breaker. The other guy just guessed. They had to hard wire this dishwasher too. And the trainer ended up cutting himself on the corner of it. Poor guy.

HB got fussy while they were installing it so I sat on the couch and fed him. While I was doing that I could hear the trainer guy muttering to the trainee about how some of the installers are being lazy. That they don't want the hard jobs like mine so they make some excuse and leave it to other people. I felt bad for him. Obviously the other guy could have tried WD40 too. But I look on the bright side, if he hadn't been lazy the HOA would have not noticed that our building's valve was broken.

This afternoon I went and did the sheets. And guess what. They were stealing electricity again! I went inside and immediately called the HOA to let them know. It's during the week so I'm sure they ran over there. I wasn't around for it so I have no idea the outcome.

Also learned that my downstairs and upstairs do have multiple shut off breakers. Thought that there was one for each floor but not so.

Old Dishwasher

New Dishwasher Can you spot the dent?

Anyways need to load the new dishwasher and work on making baby food. Also need to research questions to ask the maybe new pedi tomorrow. Got any suggestions? Night!

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