Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance!

This is totally a conversation going on in my head with my readership.

Deltaflute: I found it! *doing the happy dance*
Readership: *amused* Found what?
DF: I found my solution to Chinese-free, plastic-free, dishwasher safe, microwaveable, kiddo friendly dinning ware!
RS: So what is it?
DF: Guess!
RS: *sighs* Okay. Did you find a stainless steel that miraculously can be nuked?
DF: Nope. Guess again. *big grin*
RS: Did you find a silicone company that doesn't have a factory in China?
DF: Na ah. Guess again!
RS: Give up.
DF: Ahh, you give up to easily. No fun.
RS: *sighs again*
DF: It's glassware.
RS: *puzzled look* Glassware for kids? But that breaks.
DF: Sorry wasn't specific enough. It's tempered glass. Made for kids specifically. It's called kidishes. The company is called Duralex. They are in France and the glass is French made! It's so great that French schools use the stuff.
RS: *a wide array of reactions ensue some look unimpressed, others are clapping, some are smiling, one person is feigning to snore*

Okay back on planet blog. Kidishes is sold on Amazon and some company called I came across the set of dishes in an eco store. It's a long story that you will have to patiently wait for, but I was so excited about my discovery that I had to share.

The glassware is so durable that I had to show you these videos. Be aware; you will be impressed.

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