Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Glass half full/empty

Last Sunday, Father invited the children down to the middle of the sanctuary for the Gospel. After it was finished, one young man took off. Then all the children did. Father had to call them back. Jokingly he said that he could tell that he was in a Catholic Church because everyone was following what one person did.

Looking back at my younger self. I would say that I followed the crowd. I had no intention of rocking the boat. Now that I'm older, I look at myself and life under a critical and scrutinizing eye. Maybe it's because I live with a scientist and the scientific method is tattooed on my skin, figuratively speaking. Maybe it's my religious personality to spend most of my life in self-reflection. Don't really know. Doesn't really matter. I'm a stay at home mom so I don't have to follow the crowd. I don't have anyone really to answer to. I get to call my own shots. It's nice being my own boss.

So these past two weeks, I've been using the internet as a gateway to listen and learn. I've been judging what others have been saying and either applying it or discarding it from my life. I want to make the distinction that I don't judge people. If anything, I use what other bloggers say and judge myself or judge what they are saying. We are all of different paths. I cannot tell one person on a different path to suddenly cut across the forest and find me. They'd get lost.

So I've learned some interesting things:
1) Disney owns a lot of stuff
2) Someone needs to watch what our children are exposed to and it can't always be us
3) Plastic sucks because it uses petroleum and isn't biodegradable but on the bright side there are ways to avoid it altogether
4) I would so love to compost and have a veggie garden and make my own food (canning, condiments, etc)
5) There are ways to keep your child away from the tv and I thought of one myself. Get them involved in house hold activities aka chores. HB loves to "help" me fold laundry. It's using the unschooling method. We talk about shapes, color, too big, too small etc. This can apply to all areas of household life.

Goals for myself: Try to avoid getting our child sucked into the mass mogul media machine (try saying that five times fast). Go for glass or stainless steel if there is an option. Need to get produce bags. Really, really, need to get produce bags. (*in my best Yoda voice* birthday money, I will spend you). Want to have a backyard where I can have a veggie garden. Must stay off the computer more and spend time with HB doing other stuff.

So what things do you see in others that you would also like to improve upon in yourself? I know that I have many more internal ones. But those would take up another blog post. Don't worry. *Yoda voice* Learn you will. Can you tell that I'm in a good mood?

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  1. I need to go back and read those later. Am interested now lol.

    There's quite a bit I've read from others that I would like to do differently or apply to us a little better than we do. Less tv (I just about wish we'd never gotten started with it), eating better, dealing w/ Kalila and Church differently (although honestly thats about impossible here), discipline issues, getting back to the reusable bags (you reminded me of that again, we were talking about it last week though), I could go on...

    I like the way you explain the whole not judging the person but judging what you've read. It reminds me of another post I read awhile back on Blacktating.


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