Monday, August 2, 2010

Murphy's Law

Well...I had this great post written under a software program on the lap top. But this morning the power cable died. I even waited for it to cool off. It's dead. And the battery to the lap top is also dead or I would just go and get it and post it. And I really haven't time today (maybe this evening) to go and have them replace the part.

Fortunately, I only wrote the one post and none of the others. So I will have to post the post some other time. I will have to hubby's awful puter in the mean time. His keys stick all the time, he has it positioned in the worst possible way for my arms and neck, and I know that any attempts to kick him off in the evening will result in warfare (the man is a game junkie and throws a fit if I want to scan anything or print anything). Yes, Hubby, you need to relax more when it comes to gaming. Read a book, watch tv,or do something else for once. :) And no, I will not play a board game with you in order to use your computer. Sorry.

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