Friday, August 13, 2010

My apologies

Sorry, I went into my own little world of self-inspection there. I hope that you didn't think that I went a little crazy. This is usually how changes go for me. I start having an idea, then I make inquiries, and later start ripping up everything and starting fresh. I'm starting to sound like I'm redecorating my home, but it's more like my brain. I've heard of people having to figure out who they are when they are teens and those having mid-life crisis. I don't know what you would call how I do things. Maybe it's being a new mom? Do all new moms decide to all of the sudden re-make their lives?

Anyways...I've looked into how people deal with the causes they feel passionate about. Some have gone without for a year and others have decided to remake there lives slowly in order to change for a life time. Since I have no idea when the Chinese government is going to stop it's history of restrictions, human rights abuses, get out of Tibet, and acknowledge Taiwan as a separate country, I have no idea when I will stop boycotting all Chinese produced goods. So starting last Wednesday, I decided to not buy anything, accept anything, or take anything with the words "made in, produced in, printed in, manufactured in, from....China." There will be some exceptions if there are no alternative goods and if the good is a necessity. Hubby has agreed to these terms. I feel for him. I think he's think that I've gone a little nuts. I will not however give up the Chinese produced goods that I currently use for example my sleepywrap. Chinese goods in my house will gradually be faded out. Also I plan on letting people know where the goods I come across are produced. Unfortunately, as I am traveling down this rabbit hole, most eco-friendly goods have a nasty Chinese footprint.

I would like to point out to you the reasons for my doing this. The United States currently does not accept goods and services from Cuba, N. Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Burma, Syria, and Sudan. Although there is some debate as to why we continue to boycott Cuba, it is obvious why we boycott the other countries. They violate human rights. They are terrorists. But the Chinese are no different, in my view. Just like in Burma, the Tibetan monks and nuns are tortured and jailed for protesting the occupation. A nun testified that she was electrocuted in her mouth and vagina with a cattle prod. And yet, we buy their goods and services.

I understand that in a free trade market that we open ourselves to dialogue and things move in a positive and peaceful direction. So I'm not saying that we should not have trade relations with China. In fact this would not achieve my goal which is to have the Communist government loosen it's grip on it's people. After Google's security break-in, Google told the Chinese that the hack was in no terms unacceptable. They warned them that if this continues or reoccurs that they would have to remove their search engine from China. Google has power and money that the Chinese want. China will listen.

So the reason why I tell manufacturers and sellers of Chinese goods that I boycott them is so that they will think with money in mind. If enough people say that this is unacceptable, then they will loose money and have to negotiate with China on what is acceptable. Consumers do have that kind of power. Look at the organic and locally grown movement. Consumers started buying stuff and the scanners recorded it. Large companies, like Walmart, decided that they wanted that money and decided to sell organic and locally grown foods. The same can be done with Chinese produced products. I will say this much for those who are Anti-Walmart. Their website tells you where these products are produced. I can't say the same of all distributors. Amazon will sometimes tell you.

So now you see, that I haven't entirely gone off my rocker. I have a voice and a vote every time I buy something and so do you. So next time you vote or choose what to buy, remember distributors and manufacturers are watching. They do listen.

Boy of Mine by Jabai Asim and LeUyen Pham is manufactured in Mexico
Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton is printed in Mexico (thus far I have not seen any Boynton books made in China but I will let you know when I do)
Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr paperback printed in US
Polar Bear Polar Bear by Bill Martin Jr paperback printed in US
Love you forever printed in Canada
Good Night Moon printed in Mexico

For the Chinese
Unfortunately the Karen Katz books
And the DK books

If you have a question about a particular books, places of publication for children's books are usually located on the front inside cover or the back. And sometimes a board book and a paperback/hard cover are printed in different countries.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Good luck (note that was not said with any sarcasm, I know it could sound that way but I really mean it). These last few posts (whether I've commented or not) have really interested me. I don't have as much experience w/ the Chinese thing, but it does scare me how unsafe a lot of their toys/products can be so I've been trying to avoid them too. I need to be better. The Sleepywrap saddens me, I didn't know it was from there! Yeah, I'm still using it too lol. But toys are a diff story. I've found some eco-friendly toy websites that look like they'd be in our price range. I'm gonna do more research about them before choosing anything, but I figure if I start that now we might be able to pull off a better Bday & Christmas than we have been doing. I'm tired of the junk Kalila's been getting (including from us).


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