Friday, August 6, 2010

Peace Activist- Selma Hayek

There are a number of celebrities who breastfeed and promote it. In the news most recently, Giselle Buchen, filled with zeal, remarked in an interview that breastfeeding should be made a law. When Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins, she graced the cover of W breastfeeding her babies. Unfortunately there are number of celebrity moms who don't breastfeed. Jennifer Lopez did not.

I choose this celebrity because she is known for promoting the health and well being of children including promoting breastfeeding.

Selma Hayek is a Mexican-born actress. Her charitable work includes advocating for immigrants and increasing awareness about violence against women. She also has teemed up with UNICEF to distribute and promote vaccination against neo-natal tetanus. She flew to Sierra Leone on their behalf. While there, she breastfed a week-old baby whose mother could not produce breast milk. Critics were concerned about this, but proponents argue that as long as she was healthy and the mother agreed that it was perfectly fine. Wet nurses for generations would breastfeed children that were not their own.

Because of Ms. Hayek's concerns for the welfare of others and because of her promotion of breastfeeding as a normal and healthy thing for infants/children, I salute her as my peace activist of the week.


  1. I remember when that came out.. made me smile. Was a very sweet and giving thing for her to do. I told my hubby and he wasn't surprised at all. But she's a fav around here for multiple reasons.

  2. Yeah, she's really beautiful on the outside and the inside.

  3. Is also Lebanese lol. That gets brownie points here.


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