Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Start of the Week

In conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week, I plan on including a bunch of different stuff about breastfeeding.

Monday- how breastfeeding is good for the planet, your pocketbook, and your health
Tuesday- review of the Feeding book by Dr. Brazelton
Wednesday- passages in the Bible pertaining to breastfeeding and the Church's tradition on breastfeeding
Thursday- dealing with common misconceptions about breastfeeding and my first days of breastfeeding HB
Friday- Peace Activists Celebrities who endorse breastfeeding
Saturday- know your breastfeeding rights and a story about the plight of one blind couple

I would like people to understand that is to celebrate breastfeeding: those who do, those who did, and those family and friends who support. This is not meant in anyway shape or form to condemn those who do not. I understand several reasons why people do not including breast cancer, AIDS, medications, and having experienced sexual abuse. Please read this letter. So for those who post comments; please watch your words. For those who desire to breastfeed but cannot for medical reasons, it is upsetting for them especially if we are mean lactivists.

The purpose of this week long exercise is to both celebrate this act and to also educate others. I have heard that breast milk spoils inside mothers (this is not true). That breastfeeding is impossible at work or school (for some it is difficult but know your rights and it is totally doable). I even informed a friend of mine who breastfeeds her 18 month daughter that three states have no laws protecting women who breastfeed in public. As a mother who nurses in public, she did not know that. Groups like Le Leche League and the online community are great in that we aren't alone as breastfeeding moms and dads. Yes, I think dads are part of breastfeeding even though they aren't technically doing so. You'll have to read Thursday's post to find out why.

During this week, I encourage all breastfeeding moms, dads, and supportive family and friends to share breastfeeding stories either by posting a comment or a link to their own blog entry. Stories can be about first time breastfeeding, seeing other family members breastfeed, about if you were breastfed, funny stories about breastfeeding, seeing strangers breastfeed in public etc.

So for today, I leave you with some homework. Here is a list of breastfeeding sites to browse. Also feel free to look over the parenting tab at the top of the blog that includes a number of breastfeeding things.

Nursing Freedom
World Breastfeeding Week's site
World Heath Organization's Take on Breastfeeding
American Academy of Pediatric's breastfeeding site
Kelly Mom- for info on breastfeeding
International Le Leche League

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  1. Nice! I'm not about to try to schedule anything this week (for fear of failing to keep up) but I'm gonna try to have something on the subject per day... try. You make some good points about being nice... is sad that we have to make those disclaimers and stuff, but... it does happen.


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