Friday, September 24, 2010

Birth Update

Got a birth update, but won't be able to see the twins til tomorrow because Trisha is exhausted. 18 hours of labor. They ended up using the suction cups because she pushed for two hours. The other twin came out fine.

Each twin weighed the same and were the same in head circumference and length. How's that for being identical. 5 lbs 8 oz and 18 inches. They have hair. She named them DW and LA. They were born shortly before 1 in the morning 20 minutes apart.

Trisha is a little stressed because LA has low blood sugar so they've put him in the NICU for observation. But other than that they are perfectly fine. Their breathing well and everything else. DW is in the room with her. Makes bonding a little difficult. I'm hoping she gets some sleep because I know how all the doctors and nurses can be and stuff. Plus she has to go to the NICU to feed LA.

Her sister, Marilyn, gave birth at the birth center. She described the hospital as being very clinical and said that they wouldn't even let Trisha see the boys until 45 minutes after they were born. I told her I didn't have a great experience there either. Trisha ended up getting an epidural too. I told Marilyn, never again. If I have to give birth in a hospital because of geography, I'm using a mid-wife or something. I will not use an ob and will avoid it as much as possible. It was not a pleasant experience because I felt alone (I checked myself in at 9 pm and besides the occasional nurse nobody visited me until 8 am). I ended up taking myself to the bathroom which meant that I had to unplug myself from the machines and wheel around my own iv. I felt tethered to the machines and I wasn't really allowed to walk around which I think would have made labor more pleasant for me. Not that it was the hospitals fault. But I wouldn't recommend an induction. Trisha had to have one because of the health of the twins and the birthing center wouldn't even see her after she had a sonogram confirming twins. So she didn't get a choice. I could have taken one, but didn't. Next time I will.

Anyways...prayers for LA and Trisha and co.

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  1. Awww congrats!

    And the hospital stories sound so familiar. I wanted a Birth Center/midwife before my first but using the hospital/dr route confirmed that (and got my hubby on board). They're great when you need them but when you don't... Our BC doesn't do multiples either, but the midwives there do lol. 99% sure it's an automatic homebirth same as breech. Jas isn't comfortable with HB but if ZJ hadn't turned he knew it would happen and he'd get comfortable with it... Thankfully he did turn though. Either way though that's great they let her deliver vaginally. A lot of places are trying to make twins an automatic c-section. Or at least from everyone I've heard that has them.


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