Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Review Tuesday?

Yes, things are a bit out of order. Although this one is fitting for Religion Wednesday. I will update you about the Ezzo Parenting book. I've finished it and made my notes. They are currently upstairs where Hubby is sleeping his "gamer night hang-over." Hubby doesn't stay up late and get drunk with alcohol. He stays up late and gets drunk with a game. *sigh* Hubby, you're supposed to be working on your dissertation! Wake up, sleepy head! notes are upstairs so I'm unable to write anything at the moment.

This is a Review of the Left Behind Series by LeHaye and Jenkins. Or rather it's a story. So gather round boys and girls. No, Judy, you can't play with the blocks right now. Sam, stop pulling your sister's hair. Okay.

In college, my friend and roommate, let's call her Ruth, was Baptist with heavy leanings in the Church of the Nazarene. She was reading the Left Behind series of which I had only seen in bookstores but knew nothing of. Excited, one day she came home with the video. She popped it into the video player and asked me to watch it with her. Okay. Sure why not. The video seemed interesting and at the time, I didn't know much about the subject of the rapture, which is what the book is based upon. I'm going to digress a little here.

I grew up in the Bible belt. There are some, but definitely not many Catholics and many of us are ill educated about our own faith. One of my classmates was Catholic (we'd get fish sandwiches at McDs during Lent) and my suite-mate was Catholic but she hadn't gone through the RCIA program. Her step-dad who raised her was Catholic so she grew up with the faith, but since Mom was Baptist she never had religious ed. Needless to say, I ended up going to many many other people's churches including Ruth's. Ruth ended up going to mine. The only things that I could explain at the time where common misconceptions about my own faith. I didn't know about Catholic teachings vs. the teachings of other faiths, for example rapture because I never heard of it before.

When I took Ruth to Mass, I had to explain transubstantiation this way "That's Jesus in a box (tabernacle) and in a minute we're going to bring him out and eat him." Ruth's reaction was that we sounded like Vampires. From then on she referred to Catholics as being people who kept Jesus in a box and ate him. So much for me trying to make it simple and understandable.

Anyways back to the movie...she popped in the video and I watched it. The movie wasn't all that high tech or anything, but it was interesting to watch. So later on when we were at Walmart's books section (were was really the only place in town to buy a book), I bought a copy of the 1st book. I read a few chapters.

My initial reaction was that the half world disappears and people suddenly believe that it was God's doing? I think atheists would automatically go to aliens or something else before settling on God and that realistically the occult would start up. But whatever, I will buy into it. Then I read some more and realized that they had anti-Catholic teachings in the book. I honestly can't tell you what they were because it was many years ago, but it was something that bothered me. Disgusted, I threw the book in the glove box and never picked it up again. I think a friend of mine might have seen it and asked me if I wanted it, but I can't remember. I do remember telling Ruth that I couldn't read it anymore.

For the record, the word rapture is not in the Bible. There is nothing in there that says Jesus is going to take a few people up to heaven and leave all their clothes behind. Mostly the Bible talks about the second coming and Catholics as well as mainline Protestants believe the second coming to be a single event not a series of events. The Rapture or specifically pretribulation is an evangelical idea and as you can probably well deduce Catholics and mainline Protestants don't believe in it. I found all this out later. Wikipedia has a good article on the subject.

Needless to say, I haven't been so eager to read a lot Christian fiction. There are very few Catholic writers out there and what you do find in Christian literature tends to go against Catholic teachings. We need a few good Catholic writers. Otherwise the 21st century is going to look sad when it comes to displaying our beautiful and treasured Catholic heritage. Do you have any favorite Catholic authors? I'm looking around for some.

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  1. Comp agreed. I have a pretty decent sized collection of Catholic fiction thanks to working at the bookstore but can't remember authors names. But a pretty decent sized Catholic collection is a lot smaller than a decent collection of Protestant or general Christian books. There are a few of those I like... I'll admit I do kinda like the Amish stuff :-j

    On the left behind subject. We had a flier for a book that refutes it up and people would come in and yell at us lol. At the bookstore that is, not here.

    I'll try to post some of my favourites soon but it requires more thought than I have available right now lol. Sorry I'm out of it.


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