Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grassroots Peace Activism

In order to be a peace activist you don't have to do much. It's simple really. You pray for peace. You keep peace within yourself, within your home, within your work place, within your community. You can sit on the side of the road and protest something that is inherently wrong. You can help aid refugees escaping war. You can learn about what countries treat their people with respect. You can avoid buying Chinese good (or Vietnamese). You have a voice. You are not powerless simply because you don't have an international forum. Find peace and work on peace from home.

In this same vein, I encourage you to do one simple thing for me and for others world wide. I encourage you to sign-up to agree to pray for one minute on International Day of Peace, which is September 21st at noon. Our Lady of Fatima told the children to pray for peace and to the end of communism in Russia. I encourage you to take up your rosary or the prayer of St. Francis or to come up with your own prayer of peace to end communism in China and abroad. And to pray for peace in other countries where there are clear dictatorships like Burma. Russia is no longer communist. Wouldn't it be nice to have that happen in every nation? To sign-up simply click on the Million Minutes of Peace badge on the left of the blog. I also encourage you to look at some of the site and even upload your own prayer. The United States Council of Bishops among other religious organizations affiliated with this non-demoninational, inter-religious Prayer for Peace movement.

During this month, I hope to upload a number of inspiring videos about peace. They are very short. It's my way of heaping burning coals on your head so that you will remember to pray for peace. God Bless!

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