Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hodgepodge 2

Wow the last couple of days have been busy. Yesterday HB had back to back lab experiments. One was one he had done before with tones and lights. The second one was with words. They were trying to see if babies would pick up words if they were given a cue word like "momma." We had lunch with Hubby and then crashed at home.

Today was non-stop fun. We went to BSG. Small crowd. There was two other pairings, the LC, and two students. HB didn't gain weight this week. I asked the LC if she thought it was due to the night weaning. She suggested an extra evening feeding and to see if that helped. She also said it could be for a number of reasons and asked if his height has been affected. It hasn't. He's only fallen off the weight charts, but she said that weight charts for BF babies 6 mo plus are still being tweaked. They used to be way off.

Then we went to another experiment. It lasted really long and he was totally more into the toys than listening and responding to the sounds. Great. My kid can tune me out now.

We came home and I started dinner. I was trying Cam's Eggplant Lasagna. It was good and I agree I should have added more basil and oregano. I think the artichoke hearts were a little over powering. The marinade really covered all the other flavors. Next time I'll drain and rinse them or buy the artichokes fresh. I also added mushrooms. So now there are three layers: eggplant, tomato concoction, and artichokes and mushrooms. Delish! Thanks Cam! I've never cooked eggplant before.

Also am babysitting tomorrow. So I frantically cleaned up the downstairs and put away anything that looked too fun for a toddler (like remotes). I still need to tackle a corner that I'm not happy about, but it's nothing major.

Also got the new car seat in. Hurray! It's a Britax Roundabout. Made in the US from foreign parts; although the box also said it was made in Mexico, so I'm a little puzzled. I'll have to snap a picture for you. So far so good. I haven't tested it on the subject, but installing it was easy. It has both the latch and a tether. I couldn't install the tether because HB is still rearfacing and my car doesn't have a tether point in the floor board. It does have one above the back seat for forward facing. The car seat is convertible so HB will have this one until he's ready for a booster. The Roundabout will work for a child up to 40 lbs.

What I like about it so far is that it has a button so that you can easily undo the latches. Undoing the latches for the old model was such a pain as was adjusting it. You could only adjust on the one side. This new one you can adjust on both sides.

Also no matter how much we tugged, we still had way to much side to side movement on the old seat. It always made me so nervous. For the record, I still like the old car seat, but I think it was the design of my car. Some car seats just don't work well with certain cars. The Britax fits like a glove and it doesn't budge. Not an inch.

I did cheat though. Everyone tells you to put the child in the middle of the car, but our car manual says that you can only use the latch for the different sides. I used the two most inward and stuck it in the middle. Is that bad? I mean it's still grounded just not to a particular seat. Oh, well. I figure if I end up hauling Mammita around I'll have to move it to make room for her car seat. I decided to use a pseudonym rather than initials to describe the toddler I'm babysitting. She loves dolls and is really a momma in training so I'm calling her Mammita.

Okay. It's late now and I'm sure this post has so many typos that you could rich off of receiving a dollar for every one. Night!


  1. I kinda mentioned this in a comment on my page yesterday, but it fits here too lol. I've learned in carseat safety groups (and from reading my latest manual lol) that neither method of installing the car seat (latch or seatbelt) is safer than the other... what's important is installing it correctly to whichever method. The middle of your car is the safest spot... but if you want to use latch you should prob be using one of the sides under those circumstances (or call the manufacturer and see what they say). I've heard driver side is safest of the two (is where we have Kalila now).

    I've only heard good things about Britax, but never bought one because of their price lol. Part of me wants a Frontier 85 for Kalila next, but logically I think she'll outgrow the height long before 85 lbs because she's so small now. We're getting a Maestro sooner (for Gido) and I'm gonna see how she does in it, how much room it has to grow and if we need something with a higher shell when she starts to outgrow her seat. We were gonna play musical carseats and put her in the myride once she outgrows harnessing in the one she has (and put Zavier RF in hers) but I'm not sure how much longer that will give her and I recently found out her seat is horrible once turned into a booster so she'll need a new one anyway. Plus it may expire before then too.

    Random question about the Roundabout.. You said it works till 40 lbs is that RF or FF harnessed? Kalila has a AOE and it RF to 35 and FF to 40. That second number was my big issue with it at the time... Didn't make sense to go to a booster 5 lbs after turning and I knew we'd need another seat. Zavier's goes to 40 RF and 65 FF which weight wise would be perfect for Kalila, I'm just not sure height diff between the two lol.

    Second random question (sorry my brain is stuck on this subject lately lol): Do any cars have tether points on the floor? And is Britax meant to work that way if you do? That's a big diff between our seats if it is. My manual said to never tether RF. We don't have the capability either way. For latch either. My FIL might but I haven't looked close enough at it to tell.

    Have fun babysitting! I get to go wash dishes now... fun fun :-D

  2. No, totally not random. It's says that you keep them rear facing until they reach 1 year and 20 lbs. I didn't look carefully about how long to rear face, but I will later when I have more time. And front facing goes up to 40 lbs although some models I've seen say 55. Our family is tiny. I doubt he will reach the weight limit before he needs a boaster because of age. They say not to use it if they are 7 years plus.

    Yes, some cars have floor board tether points. My old car had one. My memory's bad but I think it was at the bottom of the back seat. My current car has cup holders that pop out there. And the instructions show you how to tether both rear and forward facing. It specifically tells you that you have to have a tether point on the floor board to use it for rear facing. The one above is only for forward facing. They're nice enough to give you a pouch sewn into the cover to store it until you can use it. The pouch hangs on the back of the car seat.

    I'll have to ask the manufacturer but I'm sure they'll say what the manual says. The hospital never asked. They just made sure it was in there. Didn't even jiggle it our anything.

    op, better go. I need to feed the baby before she arrives. I read the car seat booklet later and see if there's a detail that I missed.

    She's leaving around lunch time (supposedly) so I should get a second to check then.

  3. :-) Understood, mine just woke up hungry again lol.

    1 and 20 is the legal minimum, most carseats (and states now) say to RF to the seats maximum limits beyond that. AAP is saying 2 and 30 is best (we met one of those at least) and a lot of people are trying to get the laws changed to that as well. Carriers used to be about 20-22 lbs, most now go to 30 or so. Convertibles used to be to 30 or 35, now are going up to 40 or so. Kalila was a little older than HB when I found out about that. She's tall and skinny so we were able to make it a little past 2 with her, could have longer with a better seat. She's still not 30 lbs... and I'm still not comfortable with her being FF because of it. She has a strong little neck, but in an accident? I don't know. But can't afford another seat, or another RF seat and honestly I'm not sure two RF ones would fit in our truck. By the next kid we should have a bigger vehicle so it shouldn't matter if we have 2 kids RF (if Zavier still is, I hope so) and another harnessed.

    As for boosters, also a long way off and a long time to research, but 4 and 40 is another minimum and is excluding other factors that have to be met (like maturity). I'm just learning these now and yeah Kalila's not going in one until she's closer to 6 at least. Assuming she's over 40 lbs by then lol. A friend of mine just asked for info on this (why I started looking) and found out her step daughter is 6 years old and 34lbs, so even at that age she can't go into a booster yet. I'm figuring Kalila will be bigger, but you never know right?

    Thanks for the info about the tether, that's interesting! I wonder why the MyRide can't use it that way if a car has the capability. Prob wasn't tested with one lol. It has storage space for all that too. Kalila's AEO didn't and that annoys me about it too. Every time we pull it out I have to deal with the things.

    Oh btw, I meant asking about the latch being on the sides and not specifically for the middle. Your hospital did more than ours did w/ Kalila lol. They just made sure we had one! We did a million things wrong just about and no one ever said a word to us.

    This baby keeps falling asleep on me and when I try to move, put him down, he latches on again. I love it but I'm getting hungry here!

  4. Oh, more details. I'm surprised that HB has slept through all the ruckus. Every time my friend's kids come they climb up and down our stairs like nuts. They don't have any in their house. Also found out that the wife thought their youngest wasn't going to be dropped off here. :( I hate getting involved in their drama.

    Anyways.. they recommend for small infants to use a positioner. RF is 5-40 lbs. FF they say what I saw before and add other stuff. For up to 55 lbs. Says 46 inches or less in height and when the top of the child's ears are below the top of child seat shell and when the harness straps are at of above the child's shoulders parallel to level ground. I'm guess those last few are for positioning. They are warning parents to upgrade once those things happen.

    Thanks for all the info. I had heard some things, but honestly wasn't worried about it yet. I know our state only wants kids in car seats until age 4. They don't have any specifics. The hospital only looked in the back seat. She mostly looked to see that the straps were snug around him. Told us to add a rolled up blanket around his head because the head guard was too loose. This was before we put the carrier inside the car. That was it. She didn't fiddle with the base at all, which was the culprit.

    The carrier says 29 inches and 23 lbs. HB is close to that in height. I'm guess he's about 28 inches now. And my friend is being induced on the 23rd. So I'm gladly giving up the carrier. She needs it more than I. She's having mono di twins so they are forcing the induction despite it being a month before her due date. Sucks.

  5. Oh I hope everything goes well w/ your friends. I moved Zavier out 2 inches from the height limit on our carrier, he gained the last 2 so quickly we thought it was best lol.

    I would have issues if I lived in your state lol. 4 years is a minimum here and I love that... (we also have it where they have to be in a booster until they're either 9 or 4'9 whichever comes first and not in the front seat until 12)I still don't think a 4 year old is ready to be in a booster. Its possible a kid might be mature enough to handle it, but not a given.

    As for your seat, yah that's pretty standard stuff for all seats. Numbers change, but the basic positioning stuff is the same. What confuses me is the straps part. I'm guessing typo? Straps should always be above shoulders when FF (below when RF) - is true of every seat.

    But yeah you have a lot of time before worrying about all of that. I'm just starting too now w/ Kalila. I should have before we turned her lol... but once again I didn't realize there were so many rules diff for RF and FF. Determined I'm gonna know everything about boosters before this time so we don't have any huge mistakes. I get we're all gonna make them, but I'd rather not in the car. (I hate driving).


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