Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hodgepodge 3

Thought that this was totally funny.

Found a site where they make from 100 % natural rubber flip flops from Thailand. The company is called Feelgoodz. If your allergic to latex, these are not for you. But you can bury them in your yard and they break down.

Also was able to test drive the car seat yesterday. God is so full of blessings. A lady I know sent HB a gift card to ToysRus and I was able to use it to get some construction paper, crayons, a step stool, and a potty donut for Mammita. I know that's not what she intended it for, but I got it gender neutral so that HB can use it later. Actually had to comb through ToysRus to find them US made. ToysRus should change their name to "cheap plastic Chinese made" R us. That's what the store is largely comprised of. Even the bibs were made in China. Anyway...test drove it. He looks great in the seat. It's angled up more so he can see out better. Also the straps are soooo easy to adjust. I have to loosen it to make sure I don't pinch his privates when strapping him in. The old seat was a pain to do that. But as we were driving down the road I hear this sucking sound. "HB what are sucking on?" suck "ah uh, what do you have back there?" suck suck He had taken the padding for the straps and had pulled them off. They were velcro. He was eating one of them. They were removed and put elsewhere in the car.

Watching Mammita was fine. We did water play outside, danced, cut paper, glued a collage, and "read" books. Also had a snack. I was worried about HB's reaction especially the feedings, but it was fine. Mammita was breastfed herself so it's nothing new to her. HB, on the other hand, was going to be a little ignored because he's not as mobile as Mammita is. He liked watching what we were doing more than anything else.

We also went to a dinner date last night. It was the first time HB has ever been awake for one of those. Usually the person watching him watches a movie or something. HB was fine. He didn't cry. I ended up waking him up to change him into a night diaper, jammies and to feed him. It was easier to show the sitter how to use an all-in-one then to try my prefolds that I use at night. I figured after being awoken he would sleep longer this morning. Nope. Woke up the usual time. Grrr!

And that's hodgepodge 3.


  1. Sounds like fun! Both the sitting and the dinner date lol. Glad HB did well :-)

    Random ? - You use prefolds at night? The only time I don't use them is night lol. Heavy wetter and doesn't wake me when it happens half the time though, so pockets just make more sense for us (his bum stays drier).

    As for sitters and prefolds... it def is easier to go w/ an AIO or pocket for them, but I wouldn't underestimate them either. We've never had an issue w/ sitters and prefolds (granted two of them cd'd my hubby lol.. they still had a lot to learn about snappis and covers). The only other we've really had is leaning towards using them with her kids too when she has them now. If we have a new sitter I'll prob give them the option (unless pockets are all dirty lol). I have no idea when or why that'd happen, but now that we have options I'd feel nicer giving them one. Side note on all that, our pedi has figured out prefolds finally lol. She commented on it at one of the last appointments. Always had us redo the diaper after she checked the kids... but she did it herself that time (I think the last two times).

  2. Yep, I have 4X8X4 prefolds instead of the standard 4X6X4. Although as he gets older and wets more I usually add a doubler or a flatfold inside the cover. I own one pocket diaper and it has leaked the last couple of nights. I'm thinking the inserts are becoming too saturated (it's a fleece pocket). I need to find something that's thin but more absorbent. I might dig out some of his infant prefolds or something.

    During the day when we're out and about, I use an AIO. I worry less about loosing the snappi and they're thinner so his pants fit better on him. At home we use prefolds. A lady from BSG told me that she uses her pockets and AIO for going out too because it's a faster diaper change. Since HB now rolls over on the diaper changing table, I adopted her idea.

    My pedi never had a problem fixing the AIO. Funny that yours had to learn. But my pedi was an older lady so she's probably seen more cloth diapers and didn't seem all that confused by it. It's actually really common were I live more than I thought it was. I run into people (well especially in certain circles) who use them.

    One of my friend's whose daughter is potty training caught me changing HB's diaper and called the snappi "that T shaped thing." At first I didn't catch what he was saying. He wanted to know how the snappi worked and was real impressed by it. I told him that it holds the diaper together instead of using a traditional diaper pins. Later, he was babysitting HB on our date and said that he could probably figure out how to use "that T shaped thing." I'll probably teach him later; we were in a hurry.

  3. Our pedi is fine w/ the pockets (we have no AIO's) but the prefolds got her. She did figure it out though... just took 2 kids lol. For awhile I was taking Kalila in the pockets though because I knew she was having trouble with it. Zavier is starting to get harder to change too so I might be taking him out in a pocket more. We don't have many right now or I'd already be considering it.

    I want some heavier duty prefolds... Hemp and bamboo sound awesome... but I'm on a diaper budget. Oh well :-D

  4. I've heard that Zorb is good. It's supposed to be some sort of microfiber. A lot of the etsy shops use it for abZORBtion (sorry had to be funny). I think hemp and bamboo is awesome too, but like you said they are expensive. Maybe for the next baby.

    I hear you on the pockets. Our budget is already stretched out as he ages. My mom bought all the AIOs we own. I suppose when he outgrows this size I can talk her into buying some pockets. The AIOs take a long time to dry.


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