Friday, September 10, 2010

Peace Activist of the Week- Chun-Ki Won

Chun-Ki Won (age unknown to me) is an activist for the North Korean Underground Railroad (named after our American one). This South Korean pastor has been called the "Asian Schindler." He has been responsible for leading 500 North Koreans through China and into safe harboring countries like Mongolia, Cambodia, and Thailand. He helped to create new routes and is responsible for bringing 10 percent of all North Koreans over to safety in South Korea since 1953. In December 2001, the Chinese authorities caught him trying to smuggle North Koreans into Mongolia. He spent 8 months in prison for his "crime" of smuggling North Korean refugees.

Won learned about the plight of North Koreans on a business trip (he sold golf clubs) to China near the N. Korean border. He saw a woman being sold as a bride to a Chinese man (while her helpless husband watched), and he saw a man being shot in the back trying to cross the Tumen river.

Because of Won's dedication to bettering the lives of his North Korean brethern, I salute him as my peace activist of the week.

Won is featured in the documentary Seoul Train. You can see footage of his capture as well as the refugees he was trying to help. This includes the image of the pregnant lady who most likely was forced to have an abortion and put in a hard labor camp. Not going to cry. Not going to cry. I have to go feed the baby.

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