Monday, September 13, 2010


I met with my friend today for lunch and to hand off the car seat. She's having twins in ten days and is super excited. I think I'm the more nervous for her because I have some sort of an inkling over the complications for twins and I can't imagine all the stuff she's read. It would terrify me, but I'm usually a nervous wreck and major worrier.

She's having di mono twins. They are identical boys who are sharing a placenta but have their own sacks and cords. That's the reason for the induction. If she goes too far into her pregnancy, the twins may start to struggle over the nutrients in the placenta. And the bigger they get, the more complications. The doctors were watching the twins growth process like nuts because they were worried that the twins may experience twin-to-twin, meaning that one twin get nutrients and passes it onto the other. So far their weights are good and both twins are getting the nutrients that they need and are sharing. They are about 5 lbs at estimation.

Anyways...sending major good prayers her way that the delivery goes without a hitch and the twins are developed enough not to have any major issues (jaundice and stuff like that scares the day lights out of me...see I'm the more nervous one and they're not even my kids). I hope that you will keep her in your prayers too. She's so excited to see her little guys soon. I'll let you know what I know when I know it.

Muchos Gracis!

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