Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've won some sort of online award thing and completely didn't have time and then forgot about it. So I'm trying to remember to do this tagged thing. I was tagged by Charisms on Campus.

Books I've read recently....
1) Peedie by Oliver Dunrea-baby book
2) Carry Me by Rena D. Grossman-baby book
3) Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler (work in progress)
4) Preparation for Parenting by Ezzos (I'm taking that one apart bit by bit)
5) Cooking for Baby by Lisa Barnes
6) Bible- admittedly I've put that one off a bit

Songs or Albums I listen to all the time...
1) Hawk Nelson
2) Superchick
3) anything on the classical radio station

Things I love
1) cheeseburgers (I just ate and I still want one)
2) fried chicken
3) my husband (Okay, not in any particular order. I love hubby more than food)
4) my son, HB
5) God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit
6) mantillas
7) nice beds with comfy pillows
8) sleep
9) swimming
10) cats
11) books
12) playing my flute (I need to get back in the habit)

Things I've learned this year...
1) newborns are a lot of work
2) never knew I could love another human being so much who you've just met
3) how to tie on a babywearing wrap
4) how to breastfeed
5) how to make babyfood
6) how to wash cloth diapers
7) how to interact with a baby
8) all the crazy things you can do on blogger
9) how to tie a headscarf
I could keep going but I'll stop there. New parents learn a lot of stuff.

New recipes I want to try and make:
1) today it's some rice thing
2) eggplant parmigiana

Favorite online hangouts:
1) blogger
2) etsy

Projects that I need to work on:
1) The baby book. I've been putting that thing off for too long.

Other people I think should be tagged:
1) Cam- A Woman's Place
2) MK- At Hippy...not so hippy
3) Tiffany- At a Catholic Librarian
4) My cousin- at the Miller's Blog

Sorry so short. Baby woke up and had to finish quickly. There's probably a lot more; just can't think right now.


  1. Oh my... I'll have to do this in a bit. Zavier just fell asleep on me (Yay I get to go clean). Working on another post that'll go out first, but not ignoring ya :-)

  2. haha thanks for completing this :)
    very interesting answers!


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