Saturday, September 25, 2010

Visited the Baby

LA is still in the NICU so we saw DW. Didn't hold him. Had to wrestle with a tired baby. They had the room dim so that they could nap and HB of course fell asleep. So now he's really awake but didn't take a long enough nap. I'm going to wait an hour or so and put him down to sleep.

Trisha looked good. She was in regular clothes and not a gown. I was a bit surprised by that. I stayed in the gown. I wanted people to know that I was still in the hospital. I had read somewhere that people get the wrong idea when you wear regular clothes and forget that you just had a baby. So even when we came home, I stayed in pjs for most of the week. I think it actually helped because I sat an awful lot and people didn't try and overwhelm me.

DW looked good. He was sleepy, but seemed totally normal. Oddly HB looked like a giant in comparison. I let HB look at him and stuff, but neither of us touched him. Safer that way I'm sure.

We brought food for Drew. And we stayed to eat but then left. Coordinated it so that Marilyn and Nate were there. It was Marilyn's idea that we all come instead of trickle in throughout the day so Trisha could get some sleep. I thought that was a very good idea. We got them lunch too so it was a picnic on Drew's pull-out.

Also strange was that the hospital was making her BF the baby and then feed him formula. She said it was to monitor how much he was getting. I'm not all that familiar with how you handle preemies so I couldn't tell you why they wanted her to do that. The other baby was on an IV. We didn't get to see him at all, but no biggie. She said they had also put him with a warming blanket because he was having a little trouble regulating his temperature, but now it was just the IV. They are slowly weaning him off of it to make sure that he can hold onto the sugar better.

I imagine by the end of the week they'll be sent home. Marilyn and I are going to coordinate meals for a week so I may not be around as much to post.



  1. Awww. Glad they're doing well.

    That is odd about the formula, doesn't make sense at all... but I've never had a preemie either.

  2. Drew also said that their tongue tied meaning that their tongues can't go out very far. So that may be the other reason since babies have difficulty latching on and getting milk out when they can't move their tongue out far. Really don't know. But the hospital is pro breast feeding so I'm not too worried that they are making the breastfeeding relationship too difficult for the future. She has a pump in the room and an LC has seen her so I know that they are trying to establish a supply as well as get nourishment to the babies.

  3. Oh poor things, I have heard about that. I would def say they're pro BF if they've already noticed/mentioned that. It gets skipped over a lot. They'll prob have to have it clipped before too long (assuming they're waiting because of being preemies).

  4. Drew said that they are supposed to grow out of it. Maybe its a preemies thing. I knew a lady at BSG who it was inherited and they clipped the baby later. So I'm not sure. For now, things are great considering that they could have had any number of complications. The hospital is just being overly cautious.


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