Friday, October 1, 2010

The Culture of Right and Wrong

This post will be brief since I have a million things to do before the babysitter arrives.

In the US, if we watch a movie on tv that has nudity in it, it's usually edited out. Deodorant commercials show people putting on deodorant wearing tank tops. Shower commercials strategically show on the back or legs or arms or head of a person. In the US, it's not normal to see cleavage.

In France, were hubby was last summer, they edit out violence or blood. Hubby said while channel surfing he saw a familiar movie and decided to watch it despite it being in French. They edited out a scene where the man has his hand behind is back and blood is dripping from his torn off fingers.

While at the conference in France, Hubby got into a discussion about morals with Brother Guy Consolmagno who works at the Vatican Observatory. Hubby was slightly taken aback by all the commercials where women display boobs. In their deodorant commercials women are topless. He said nearly every time he flipped a channel there was some sort of commercial or program with topless women in it. As Brother Consolmagno pointed out, in France, there is nothing wrong with breasts. They aren't viewed the same way as Americans do (sexual). However, the French are appalled by the level of violence, gore, and blood that permeates American films. They end up edited our films because otherwise nobody would watch them.

I'm not saying all this to tell you what's right and what's wrong it's just interesting see our culture viewed through the eyes of another's. To the French, Americans are nutty for thinking breasts are sexual and very disturbed because we love such graphic violence. Just food for thought.


  1. That's so interesting! It would be kind of nice to have breasts be less sexualized! People probably wouldn't be so weird about breastfeeding!

  2. It is interesting... I knew that breasts aren't seen that way elsewhere for a combination of reasons, but didn't know about the French gore thing. In TZ trousers were inappropriate. Inside of the thighs... Its mostly prostitutes that wear them there... although I started noticing more younger girls (teens to early 20's) doing it too, and the celebrities (which is prob where the girls were getting it from). Of course this was over 6 years ago now so who knows how much has changed/stayed the same. All my students are grown up and friends who were single have families lol. One thing I have to thank FB for is I've been able to reconnect w/ a couple of them. As I go completley off topic. Sorry. Tired.


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