Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dr. visit

Yesterday, I took HB to the doctor for his check up. This was the new pedi (the old one you'll remember we lost when our insurance dropped them). HB has a cold, but nothing else of note. She looked in his ears and they were fine. HB hasn't ever had an ear infection. Thanks be to God.

She weighed and measured him. He's 44cm in head circum and 28.75 inches in height (I really think that's off because I think he was about that tall at his last visit and the clothes that were once cuffed are now let out). He's only 15 lbs 8oz. I think that's fairly accurate. Since he's had a cold, he hasn't felt like eating as much. I've been pumping him full of breast milk.

She was concerned because he's fallen down the charts again. I think she was using the CDC's chart, but I didn't ask. I wasn't about to get into it with her. This is our first visit. And it wouldn't matter because he did fall off the charts.

Anyways, she said she was going to talk to the old pedi to see what labs were run on him. But she thinks the weight is familial. Meaning genetically he's going to be skinny and there's nothing actually wrong with him. He's still growing because his height is still in the 50 % and his head circum is still 10-25 %. And it's not like he's not gaining any weight at all, he's just gaining very very slowly.

She wants us to get a lead screening for him. It's standard (with her) for all babies his age. I kinda like that because he does eat everything or at least stick it in his mouth and considering the age of our house, I get nervous about the paint. The nurse said toys can be a factor and I love how she tactfully said "toys from certain areas sometimes have lead in them." My mind of course went to China so did Hubby's when I repeated it to him. We don't have any metal toys. It's either wood or plastic, but some of the paints they use in toys do contain lead. Anyways, we're holding off on the blood work until she talks to the old pedi. She said why have him stuck twice.

Also said that he looked a little yellow. Well, what she said was, "You must love squash or carrots." I looked at her a little funny like how did she know that. She told me it was the color of his skin, but it wasn't a big deal. She said it wasn't permanent. Yeah, I already knew that.

I asked her about introducing processed dairy and eggs (egg yolk), and she told me to hold off on the eggs until his first birthday (3months away) and dairy was okay. So yesterday, I bought some yogurt. He loves it. I plan on actually making it myself in the crock pot. I just won't try until we all shake this cold. It'll be cheaper and I can blend in some of the fruits that he likes. The yogurt will be good to help him fight off the cold and bad accumulating bacteria. So far no reactions, so that's good.

And that's the update!

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  1. That's great. Glad it went well. Just reminded me I forgot to ask if ours changed to the correct charts (or if she's been using them all along). I knew there was something I forgot lol. I've read they're oking whole eggs earlier now but we haven't discussed it yet. We did egg yolk only with Kalila around 8 months and whole at a year. I'm thinking of either doing that again or holding off all together. Not 100% sure. Something we'll prob discuss when Zavier is HB's age.


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