Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Update or my brother, the idiot

Let's start with the positive first.

Hubby: He is expected to graduate in January or February. He's going to be listed next semester as staff because that's the easiest way to transition him from a RA (research assistant) to a post-doc. He has to take a credit in course work though. He is concerned about the job hunt despite the fact that his adviser is allowing him to stay on in the interim. Nobody has responded, but he also has a conference in December that he will be attending where he can throw his hat into the ring.

Me: It's been a crazy week watching toddlers. There are dishes in the sink that I know need to be washed, but I don't feel like it. Is that bad? Other than that I've been brainstorming toddler activities. I also think I've lost a little weight. This skirt seems to fit well and it didn't before. I honestly don't have a clue as to how that happened. I have been eating better though. With the girls we eat family style and eat the same thing which is mandated by the USDA. So no cookies and yummy junk food. Nope we get fruit, veggies, bread, etc.

HB: Almost 16 lbs. He refused to eat broccoli for lunch. It was mixed with banana and he still wouldn't eat it. Stubborn. Too bad for him. Tomorrow is shopping day and he's breezed through most foods. All he has left is banana, pear, and broccoli. Oh, and I found him some puff puffs with half the sugar in them. They taste like bland cheerios or something. He still eats them.

My mom: She had surgery on her finger to remove a cyst and some bone spurs. She's had a lot of trouble with bone spurs lately. But she says that she's still quilting. It's only her left hand; she's right handed.

Dad: Seems fine. He didn't really tell me what he's been up to.

My Brother: Is an idiot. He joined the Army and is in basic. My dad tried to dissuade him because he doesn't want my brother to get blown up, but my brother insisted. My brother is going to be a paper pusher. I hope that they don't make him kill anyone, the idiot that he is. I say he's an idiot because well, this is the most idiotic thing he's ever done. And I would know since he's younger than me. He knows that the army's sole job is killing, but he joined anyway (idiot).

Hubby tried to make it sound patriot by saying that we need an Army. Oh, sure that worked real great (having an army that is) with 911, the shoe bomber, anthrax scare, and that family down near the boarder who was killed by a drug gang. Yeah, the army is so great at protecting. I have to tell you, Hubbs, but if someone really wants to kill you, they will find a way. The army's "job" is to protect us from invasion, but we haven't been invaded since the 1940s. So this whole notion that the army is protecting us, in my opinion, is ridiculous. Terrorists use guerrilla tactics. They aren't going to raise an army with tanks and guns and decide to cross the boarder. Unfortunately, right now the army's job is to invade someone else's country and to kill them all in the name of protecting our interests and not our physical selves. So don't feed me that BS, that he's being noble.

The RCC says that we can have an army to protect ourselves. How is invading Iraq protecting ourselves? We weren't and aren't being harmed by them. The Pope even has said that the invasion was morally wrong. If you don't believe me, read here and here. So no, the war is not a pacifistic issue, it's a moral one. For info on what is justifiable in the eyes of the Church, read here.

And for the record he didn't enlist to be patriotic. The man hasn't had a real job since college. He enlisted for the money. That's it. Idiot.

So if anyone wants to make a comment telling me how proud they are of him and how I should be too, you're barking up the wrong tree. He's my brother. He's not your brother. I can call him an idiot if I want to.

And please, stop feeding me that whole patriotic mumbo jumbo. When we are able to ensure that people can get equal access to health care and can feed their families, then sure talk to me about supporting the troops. But until our government reorganizes it's giant cash cow (ie the armed services) and starts putting it into things like education, I'm going to hate all that it stands for with every fiber of my being. For the record, my state makes parents pay to send their children to a public school because they have no money. Yet, we have an air force base here that they've heavily lobbied to keep going. I'm sorry, but I choose teaching children tolerance over funding teaching adults how to kill people from out of the sky.

So, I'll say it again. My brother is a big idiot. Dad's asked me to send him mail. I'm not sure if I can do that. I'm still thinking about it. How can I support his decision? I'm sorry, bro, I just can't. It's wrong.


  1. You're introing banana's later too? We did them early w/ kalila (not first but before avocado so in the first few. At first she hated them lol... by the time we stopped pureeing them she loved them but they gave her diarrhea. Our pedi was shocked because supposedly its supposed to do the opposite. Can't blame it On peanuts either (us mistaking one for the other) because this was long long before peanuts. Thankfully she handles them better now. Because of that we put them later on with Zavier... I think I put them at 8 months. I'm doing 1 fruit a month too because that's where most of her probs were. I know he's diff but I don't want to risk it fi that makes sense. (and yes I have foods already planned out for when lol goofy but... I'm excited)

  2. No, not goofy. It's smart. Banana was a sort of in the middle thing. We did the cereal than sweet potato, zuccini, and I can't remember the rest. He's pretty much been introduced to most everything except the meats. He's only had chicken. We've also held off on oatmeal and wheat products. I introduced the oatmeal today and the puff puffs are made from wheat a while ago. I need to get the wheat cereal. Our pedi said to give it four days between foods; I guess because we don't have a family history of food allergies. The only reaction he's had was constipation, which I know is normal when you introduce it especially with how much he ate at first. That's been resolved.

  3. That's good. We did the 3/4 days between w/ Kalila. With Zavier we're doing a whole week... our pedi actually said to, but I had planned it anyway. I have a couple weeks w/ 2 planned out but they're later on and will be adjusted if he seems to have a lot of issues. We're doing meats pretty early... well no chicken and turkey are earlier than last time(6 & 7 months respectively), beef will be about the same time as Kalila had it (10 months). I'm not as worried about those cause noone here has a prob with meat lol. Not too worried about veggies either. Fruits obviously... and I'm waiting a little longer than I really need to with dairy too. Noone has wheat issues here so I have it at 8 months.. mostly because I'm looking forward to pastas w/ him lol. He really seems to want at them already. When I get my chart cleaned up a bit I might put it up. I'm still playing with it quite a bit though lol. Spices are kicking my theez. I seem to be drawing a blank with which ones we need to introduce. Have the obvious cinnamon, garlic & curry on there, but... I know there's at least one or two more.

    Glad its going well with HB. I almost hope for constipation lol.

  4. LOL Thanks.. Yeah mint and parsley... Lebanese how could I miss that? Those two are in EVERYTHING. :-D


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