Monday, October 11, 2010

God does answer prayers

I've mentioned our financial dilemma and how we've decided to dip into our investments in order to make ends meet. I've been fretting about this whole thing and thinking that I should return to work. I made mention to Mammita's parents, Jesse and Marie, that this was something that I was considering. I also started scouting out potential daycare for HB.

Well, today my friends is Columbus Day. It is also the day that I have turned from stay-at-home mom to work-at-home mom. My friend Marilyn, whose sister recently had twins, has a daughter who we will call Happy. Happy is obviously nicked name this because she is a very happy and imaginative soon to be 2 year old (my favorite age). The daycare which Happy goes to is close to where Marilyn and Nat live and work. Unfortunately, it's on the other side of town or I would have offered myself up to watch her. You see, my friends, Nat has gotten a job in Florida where the family will be relocating to in December. And since we expect Hubby to be finishing school soon, I won't have to worry about this being too short term.

But today, my friends, the daycare was closed so Marilyn asked me if I could watch Happy. No problem. Can totally use the extra money. Besides, Happy is a joy to have around. She loves HB and HB apparently loves her. He gave her the biggest smiles today when she showed up and also when she woke up from her nap. Didn't even want to eat this morning when I brought him downstairs to see her. He just wanted to watch her.

Anyways...she was total fun to have around. And I enjoyed being able to pull out all my old toddler-style games from when I worked at the daycare. Hubby refers to them as "ghetto toys" because they usually involve edible items like macaroni, beans, etc. as well as junk or trash like card board boxes and milk jugs. If HB has a ball playing with paper, imagine a toddler with a milk jug and some beans. The possibilities are endless.

But I'm digressing. Marilyn called and said that she thought Happy had a ball at our house. I even attempted to French braid her hair. Yes, very hard to do with a toddler. But I have a son. I have to be able to get my inner girly out somehow. Sorry, digressing again. She asked if I would watch Happy for the whole month of November and said she would go ahead and give the daycare two weeks notice.

I'm so excited!! I already have a million ideas zooming through my head for Thanksgiving ideas. Paper bags from the grocery store= Native American costuming. Making a Turkey from her hand prints. Yeah, I've been toddler deprived. I've decided that I missed my calling slightly when I got a Music education degree. It should have been early ed.

Plus, I'll still be watching Mammita from time to time. In fact, I'm watching her tomorrow and part of Wednesday. So Happy will have a playmate closer in age, but she will still get ample one-on-one time or tot school.

God really does answer prayers. He's so funny though. He sure does like to wait til the very last minute doesn't he?


  1. This is so awesome! I'm so glad this worked out for you! It's a perfect solution :)


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