Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God's desire

Right now, I am listening to an active toddler try and wind down for a nap over the baby monitor. She's used to going to sleep much later so I know that I need to be patient despite the fact that there is also a sleeping baby with her who is very very tired.

I mentioned that this baby sitting situation is going well. Yesterday, I was completely exhausted and I thought I would be today, but I've found energy reserved up somewhere.

Sunday, I went to Mass and Father started out with a joke. It went something along these lines. I'm a teacher, I'm a policeman, I'm a Mormon. Have you seen that? Yeah. Did you know that Mormons are required to tithe ten percent and that's before taxes? Yeah. If they don't, they are shunned. Yeah, well. I'm not worried; I know that you'll stay with me because I don't make you do that.

Sorry, interruption. Toddler playing with rocking chair. Now upset because I made her lay back down.

Later the head of the finance committee, came up and talked about our Parish's small leak. He asked people to consider adding a couple dollars more to their weekly tithe. Since I got the job so to speak, on Monday I knew that God was telling me. Okay, I've taken care of your problem; now please go take care of mine.

I finally got time to talk to Hubby about it yesterday and he agreed that we can definitely throw a couple extra bucks into the collection plate.

This whole thing has gotten me thinking about the Mormons though. I mean what if what you make doesn't cover your basic expenses? What if you are on food stamps? What if you are in the red and are having to take money out of savings as we have done? Do they still make you tithe the ten percent? Are you shunned if you can't? I know that it's not a requirement of other denominations. It's encouraged, but not required. I've even heard from a priest that you can split your tithe into giving to church run charities instead of all ten percent to your Parish. We're one big family anyway.

I'm sorry if this sounds selfish, but I can't give ten percent. We would starve. Between the taxes and the basic expenses of the mortgage, food, electricity, gas, etc. we aren't making ends meet as it is despite my measly 1 percent tithe. So is it wrong, morally speaking, to choose your family over your church? Any thoughts?

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  1. Every Parish I've gone too has suggested (not required lol) the 10% be split between the Parish, the Diocese and a charity (of any kind). I forget the exact numbers. We can't do 10% either... but... we do more than that in time. Which again every Parish I've been to has emphasized that being another option at one point or another.


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