Saturday, October 30, 2010

HB and Vaccines

I also should have mentioned some of the latest HB developments. He understands things. For a kid who says only one word "Momma" and some made up word for want you "Ninny," I'm surprised at how fast he catches on to things. At first I thought the Momma thing was just babbling, but I'm inclined to think that he knows that Momma means. He says it a lot when he babbles to me. He also knows his name. He has for a while, but I tested him and called out Hubby's name and he never turned his head. And then in the same talking style I called out his name and HB turned his head and looked at me. He also knows "Come here." Sometimes he gets upset playing on the ground and so I tell him to come here and he scoots on over to me. Still hasn't figured out that he can move faster on his knees. Also knows the word "No" because when he gets into something he shouldn't or is about to get into trouble he'll look at me when I say it as if to say "dear woman, you can tell me no, but I'm going to do it anyway unless you prevent me."

He's very good at non-verbal communication. He doesn't use sign yet, but he has other ways of conveying things. turning his head when he's not interested in food, pulling at my shirt (a habit we are going to work on breaking) when he wants boobie, complaining/whining when he wants something to play with while eating, squeezing his eyes together when he wants something real bad, and wrinkling his nose to say "I love you."

He also is good at feeding himself. If only he had teeth. He can put the boobie in his mouth. I've learned being topless or airing out "the girls" around him is not a good idea. I keep envisioning this toddler who decides to stick his head up my shirt.

He's also trying to kill himself. He's lunged off the bed twice and landed on his head despite my best efforts to rescue him. He tries to sneak out his bedroom door to take himself down the stairs. He's been rather unsuccessful there. He's also pulling himself up on his knees on the diaper changing table. It's only a matter of time when we're going to have to hide the remotes that he's been eyeing. He already likes typing.

It's crazy how fast they grow. His birthday is only 3 months away. I know because my MIL and a bunch of other relatives are going to visit for his birthday. They scored cheap plane fare through SW. Since we're poor and my house is too small to host a huge shindig, I'm hoping that the weather will be nice enough for us to get a pavilion at the park and have a barbecue.

Anyways...whilst at the doctor's we were told that he needs the PCV13 shot (yeah, I know, the whole reason why we are having issues with our insurer) and another HpB shot. She suggested the health department. *sigh and rolling of eyes* I can't wait til Hubby graduates. Employees have a different insurance company than students.

Also we were asked twice about getting the flu vaccine. Okay several problems 1)the flu vaccine, unless you request it, contains thimersol, which is basically mercury. It is one of the few remaining common vaccines that contain mercury. Mercury poisoning is not cool. It can cause brain damage, which is why they got rid of using mercury thermometers. The CDC says the level of mercury is minute, but how does that effect children? Plus if you are allergic to eggs, than you are allergic to the flu vaccine. Ironic, that the doctor wanted to hold off on eggs, but the flu vaccine is grown in chicken eggs.

2) The flu vaccine is not like other vaccines. The influenza virus is a fast mutating virus, which is why they recommend you get a shot every year. So it is very likely that you can get inoculated for one strain of the flu and end up contracting another strain. The CDC thinks even though this system isn't perfect it will keep 75 percent of the population out of the hospital due to flu complications. That still leaves 15 percent of the people who are inoculated ending up in the hospital anyway. A majority of deaths due to flu complications occur in people age 65 and older.

So I think the better route for perfectly healthy people is preventative (yes, the vaccine is technically that but again mercury). Stay away from people who are sick. Clean toys that your children are sharing or after they are feeling better. Wash your hands. Stay home if you are sick. Beef up your immune system with Vitamin C and eat well.

HB will not be getting the flu vaccine. Yes, he's old enough, but it's not reliable. And for that matter most vaccines aren't perfect. People can and do contract illnesses even though they are vaccinated because strains mutate and people loose their immunity. Measles broke out in the dorms because of people loosing their immunity. Most vaccines are only 80-90 % effective.

I plan on not vaccinating HB for the flu and for chicken pox. And after age one, I plan on asking for him to be tested for immunity before being vaccinated because breastfed babies receive immunity from their mothers so some vaccines are useless once breastfeeding ceases. But that's what we're doing.


  1. I think I've said this before, but my dad would always say that when I was a kid, I always thought "No," meant "Hurry up and do it before I can stop you."

  2. At Kalila's 3 year checkup our pedi said "yall don't do flu vaccines do you?" LOL Never even asked if we wanted it this time. She's great about that. Actually suggested skipping it Kalila's first time, before we started looking into it. Same reasons as you... but I'd add vit D to the things to help prevent it.

    I want to skip chicken pox with this one too... Kalila we meant too and had a brain freeze moment (thought we had longer to decide and misunderstood the name). Our pedi is not with us on this one though and I have my work cut out for me in getting the info of why together to present to her before it comes up again.

    We're behind on the last dose of pc because of the new vax too.. She wanted us to research it first. Thankfully we have unlimited vax only coverage... And I now know this for certain lol.

    As for the trying to kill themselves thing. I have an upcoming post.... Lets just say Zavier has had his first poison control call. He's ok... but good grief I still don't know how it happened lol.


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